Friday, August 31, 2012

Cat's Eye and Contradictory Stones - (Kaunse Ratna Lahsuniya Ke Sath Nahi Pahanane Chahiye)

In my last few posts I have discussed the gemstones which should not be worn with Pearl, Ruby and RedCoral, Emerald, Yellow sapphire and Diamond and Blue Sapphire and Hessonite. In this post I will discuss the gemstones which should not be worn together with Cat's Eye (Lahsuniya).

In Astrology, Ketu rules over Hessonite. The enemies of Ketu are the Sun and the Moon. The stones of Sun and Moon are Ruby and Pearl. So if someone is wearing Hessonite, he should not wear Ruby and Pearl because their lords are enemies of Rahu.

If the gemstones of enemy planets are worn, they might do harm rather than giving benefit just like if two medicines, which react with each other, are taken together, may harm the person.

Gemstones that should NOT be worn with Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye (Lahsuniya)
Ruby and Pearl

Gemstone is a specialized area and great care should be taken and an expert astrologer should be consulted before wearing a gemstone else it may even harm you.
Please also refer the the quick reference gemstone guide on my blog.

Gaurav Malhotra

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  1. Gourav jee , my date of birth 17 July1974.and time is 6pm birth place is jhansi up . My single job has been not done by in routine way . There r some problem comes infront of me. but i always doing my work with dignity which stone suite for me. Now i m working as a property agent . Or which occopation is fit for me

    1. Dear Dharmendra Ji

      Please mail me at my email


  2. Dob - 26/12/1988.
    Time - 03:05 am
    Place of birth - mathura(UP)
    An astrologer suggest me to wear a cats eye in silver in ring finger and a panna in gold in little finger.. Can i wear these two rings? Plz mail me - thanks

  3. Gaurav malhotra jee, my dob is 28.9.67, 9.16 am jammu. Family life not good. Pl tell some remedy.

  4. Can I wear ruby on my finger and cat's eye on my neck?

  5. Can I wear cats eye on one hand and pearl on the other hand ?? Plzz reply

  6. Can anyone wear cat's eye and Ruby for Leo descendent


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