Sunday, May 5, 2019

Why You Should NEVER Wear Heated Gemstones | Astrologer Gaurav Malhotra Explains

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain Why Heated or Heat Treated Gemstones should never be worn.

Heated gemstones are processed stone. They are heated on high temperature and synthetic colors are added to them to make them look beautiful. During this process, they loose their astrological significance. Hence heated gems should not be worn and one should only go for unheated gemstones/ratnas. Bangkok gems are almost always heated so one should not buy Bangkok gems for astrological purpose.
Lab certification doesn't always tell about the treatments done on the stone. Special tests need to be performed to know about the treatments but experienced gemologists can tell the certification just by looking at the stone from the naked eye.

Here is the YouTube Video link: 

Why Become an Early Riser | Benefits of Waking up Early - Astrologer Gaurav Malhotra Explains

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain the benefits of waking up early in the morning.  

Waking up early has been recommended in ancient Indian scriptures for good health and happiness.
There are many reasons why one should wake up early:
1) Air is 41 % purer in the morning around 4 AM.
2) Sato Guna which is the best out of Sato, Rajo and Tamo guna, is in predominance during early morning. So you will get more concentration to do any work in the morning.
3) Early risers have been found to be more proactive
4) Early risers have been found to be more successful in their life and career. Many successful people like Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai etc. have been early risers.
5) Those who wake up late are more prone to drug use.
6) Early morning is the best time to study for students.
7) If one wakes up in the morning and then sleep again, that is called fragmented sleep. Fragmented sleep disturb the sleep quality and affects memory.

8) The overall spiritual environment is positive or neutral during early morning.
9) Sleeping even after sunrise causes generation of toxins which in the long run give diseases.

Looking at all these benefits I would urge all readers to change their life style and inculcate the habit of waking up early. 

Here is the YouTube Video Link:

Sun Sign Vs Moon Sign | Western Vs Vedic Astrology [YouTube Video]

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain the difference between a sun sign and a moon sign. 

Sun Sign is mostly used in Western Astrology. Western Astrology gives more focus on Sun sign whereas Vedic astrology gives more focus on Moon sign.
Sun sign usually ranges within one month which means that the people born within one month are given the same sign. Whereas Moon sign changes in 2 to 2.5 days hence people born within 2 to 2.5 days are given the same sign. Hence Vedic Astrology is much more accurate than western astrology.
Western astrology is a cooked up version of vedic astrology. 

Al Biruni came with muslim invaders to India. Translated several books related to astronomy, astrology, physics, geography etc. into Arabic and other languages. These got popular in Arab world and from there they traveled to Europe Where people jumbled up and cooked up vedic astrology and came up with what is now known as Western Astrology.
One should look at Moon sign instead of Sun sign.

Here is the link to the YouTube video:

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Significance of Akshay Tritiya Akha Teej 2019 | अक्षय तृतीया का महत्त्व [Youtube Video]

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain the importance of Akshay Tritiya 2019 which falls on 7th May 2019.

In Jainism, Akshay Tritiya is celebrated as the return of the first teerthankar Rishabh dev ji and his breaking the fast by drinking sugarcane juice which is called as Ikshu in sanskrit. This day is also called as Akha Teej in some parts of India.

In Hinduism, it is of much importance because Treta yuga started from this day, Ved Vyas ji started writing Mahaharata from Akshay Tritiya day. Lord Parshuram, the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu, was born on Akshay Titiya so it is also celebrated as Parshuram Jayanti.

Akshay tritiya has been commercialized by big jewelers and they have made people believe that if they buy gold and silver jewellery on this day, goddess lakshmi will be happy with them. But this is not completely true. There is more relevance of the spiritual aspect of this day rather than just buying gold and silver. One should do charity, feed poor and donate a part of his salary on this day which will be much more beneficial than just buying gold and silver on this day.

I wish all the viewers a very happy Akshay Tritiya and Parshuram Jayanti.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Is Rahul Gandhi Going to be Next PM ? | Astrologer Gaurav Malhotra Predicts | 2019 Election [YouTube Video]

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to predict who will be the next Prime Minister after Loksabha Elections 2019

I have analyzed both the horoscopes of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Both the horoscopes have some very good combinations. I have given the probability analysis in this video to explain who has the higher probability of winning. 
Who is going to be the next PM ? Please watch the video to know more.  

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Rudraksha Buyers Guide | Watch This Before Buying a Rudraksha | Astrologer Gaurav Malhotra [YouTube Video]

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain "How to buy rudrakshas" 
Only Nepali rudrakshas should be bought. 
Rudrakshas also comes from Indonesia and India but Nepali rudrakshas are far far better from its counterparts. 
The price of rudrakshas is determined by their rarity. The rarer the costlier. 

Rudrakshas should always be purchased from a trusted source because there are many scams running around rudrakshas. Some poeple carve more mukh or faces on rdrakshas to make them costlier rudrakshas. 

Some people are selling Bhadrakshas by calling them 2 mukhi rudraksha. Bhadraksha comes from India and is a cheap copy for rudraksha so do not fall in trap when buying 2 mukhi. 

Many people sell round one mukhi rudraksha. Round one mukhi is extremely rare and you won't get it in even 1 crore rupees so don't buy it from anyone who claims to sell original 1 mukhi. Th cashew shaed 1 mukhi is not actual one mukhi. 

Here is the YouTube Link:

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

How to Energize a Rudraksha - Astrologer Gaurav Malhotra Explains [YouTube Video]

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain "How to energize a Rudraksha" 

A good muhurta is needed first which can be determined by a competent astrologer or it can also be worn on a general muhurta like ravi pushya yoga, guru pushya yoga, masik shiv ratri or mahashivratri. Mahashivratri is the best muhurta to energize a rudraksha. It should be dipped in holy water overnight and then next morning one can go to a shiva temple, sit anywhere near shivlingam and recite "Om Namaha Shivaaye" for at least 10 minutes. After that touch the rudraksha with shivling and it is ready to wear.

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Here is the YouTube Video: 

How to Energize a Gemstone [YouTube Video]

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain "How to energize a gemstone" 
Stone is energized on an auspicious day. It is dipped in Go mootra, gangajal or raw milk for at least 8 to 12 hours. It is then energized with the relevant planetary mantra and worn. 

Please see this relevant post on energizing a gemstone

Here is the YouTube video


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Importance and Procedure to do Surya Arghya

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In this post I am giving the link of my Youtube video. The title of the video is "Importance and Procedure to do Surya Arghya".

Surya Arghya should always be done in the morning preferably within one hour of sunrise. Any surya mantra can be chanted at the time of Surya Arghya. It has immense benefits. It improves career, health, relation with superiors, father etc.  
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