Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remedy for Bad or Haunting Dreams (Bure aur Daraawane Sapno ka Upay)

Do you see disturbing and bad dreams in your sleep? If your answer is "yes", this remedy is for you.

Here is the remedy:

If you are disturbed by the haunting/bad dreams for more than two days continuously, keep an iron knife under your pillow before you sleep. Alternatively you can keep some alum under your pillow as well. Please refer this post as well.

लोहे के चाकू के बजाये आप फिटकरी भी रख सकते हैं ।  


  1. Thanks for the tip. I rem, when I was a kid, my mother used to put a knife under my pillow. :-)

  2. Hi sir, I live in Australia and I see knives made of stainless steel only in stores so how can I get an Iron knife?

    1. Hi Jennifer

      There are two options:

      1)Try an Indian store, chances are you may get one.
      2)If you don't get it there then anything made of iron will work provided it is small enough to be put under pillow or under your bedsheet.


  3. Thanks a lot Gaurav

  4. Dear sir, Presently I am wearing yellow saphire and emerald in my right hand and moonstone on left hand Please suggest is it right to wear all three My birth date is 5th June 1973, time : 7;10 pm Place hyd living in goa thanks velu naidu


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