Friday, April 13, 2012

Remedy for Removing Black Magic From Business (Vyapaar Se Kaale Jaadu ka Asar Mitaane Ka Upay)


People now days are becoming negative day by day. They are not happy with their own progress but they are unhappy with others progress. To harm others sometimes people take refuge in Black Magic. 
If you have your own business and suddenly your customer base starts decreasing for no apparent reason and you start facing losses in business, then it might be the result of black magic which has been done by someone who is jealous of you and the prosperity of your business. 

If you suspect that your business is being influenced by black magic. Do the following Totka (Remedy).

Cut five Yellow Lemons on Sunday and put them inside your shop along with a handful of pepper and yellow mustard seeds and close the shop. The next Morning when you  open the shop, first go to a deserted  place  away  from  the  shop and bury  all  these into a  pit.

The black magic vanishes immediately after doing this experiment.

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  1. The lemons should be kept in one place or put separately spreaded in shop? And do we need to use black pepper seeds or other?

    1. Placing of lemons doesn't matter. You need to use black pepper.

  2. Hi,
    Can i use the same procedure at my home also for removing black magic at home.. and plz tell how should i use it..

  3. Hello sir !

    Is it necessary that the person who is the owner should go and bury all these things in the pit or can he get this burying into pit activity by a worker of the shop/ office also ??

    1. The owner should go. Instead of pit the things can be kept in the middle of corssroad (chauraaha) as well

  4. Can this same be done for factories. In that case where to keep this material

  5. Gaurav ji pranm. Can we do the same at home also. And what is the procedure? I mean in office you suggested that we keep in office and close the office on sunday and on monday remove it. I case of home what shd we do

    1. Please do the following remedies
      1) Get some fresh cow urine and sprinkle in all corners of your house.
      2) Do the remedies given in this post
      3) Wear a 10 mukhi rudraksha as per this post. It saves from all black magic and spirit attack s.
      4) Refer this post as well
      5) Do this remedy
      6) Recite Gayatri mantra every day for at least 11 times every day.
      7) This remedy also proves quite helpful in this situation
      8) Burn Guggul and Loban every day in your home and spread its smoke in all corners of house.

  6. I have a store which opens all 7 days. All of a sudden suggest I found black rice inside my cash drawer, i suspect it to be black magic. Can you suggest a remedy to get rid the effects of this black magic.

  7. Sunday morning or night? Should the office be closed for day and no one should be in the office ?

  8. I am in the business but some time I watching my business slowly down.I have two children and I am only earning woman for my family.please tell me something what is the best remedies.

  9. As I entered my friend's house a cup smashed from his hands in the kitchen while cleaning it and my friend got cut from it in the toe finger.The blood that was on the floor vanished the next morning even when no one had entered the kitchen till morning.Is there any chance of it being a result of a totka?

    1. It may be or may be not. You can do this

  10. Hi
    I need your help. I live in sweden . My family is getting much problem of black magic. 40 yrs they have been hurt of black magic. We have spend 100 tusen rupees to remove it but it is very hard they say. My brotherd and family are not intelligent. I must gå there to help them.Du you think i can help them from sweden

  11. Lemon should be cut in four larts or two parts

  12. I am in catering godown is in the house only ground floor godown & first floor we stay. can we do this remedy.

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  15. Hello
    Plz help me.
    Me n my husband suffering from black magic last 6yrs.

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