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Princess Diana's Death and Astrology (Jyotish aur Rajkumari Diana ki Mrityu)

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Dear Readers

I am going to write about the factors in Princess Diana's horoscope that contributed to her death.
Princess Diana was one of the most loved celebrities of her times. She is still remembered today by people for her charm, for her beauty and the charitable work done by her. She was killed in an unfortunate car accident when she was just 36 years old.

Horoscope Analysis: Let us start with horoscope analysis.

Diana died in a car accident. Main actors in a car accident are 

  • Venus which represents vehicles, 
  • 4th house which again represents vehicles and 
  • Mars which represents blood and accidents. 
  • Affliction of malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn plays an important part too. 
Diana, while going in a car with her lover, met with an accident. Papparazzi played an important role in her accident so they can be considered enemy to her. Enemies are seen from 6th house in the horoscope. Lord of 6th house Mars, is placed in 10th house in Ketu's nakshatra with malefic Rahu. Ketu is sitting in 4th house, the house of vehicles.

Let us see more indications of death by accident in her horoscope. 

Sun the significator of victory in the war, courage and strength is placed in 8th house in weak position with marak Mercury which is the lord of 8th. Mercury also signifies Journalists. Journalists were all over Diana, trying to capture her in their cameras and Diana always tried to run away from them. It is believed that even on that unfortunate night Diana tried to run away from them in her car and the flashes of the their cameras blinded the driver and the accident took place.

There are many afflictions in her Navamsha and Ashtamsha charts but to keep the post short, I will not cover them here.

She died in Jupiter-Rahu dasha. Jupiter is the lord of a marak house and is debilitated. It is placed with Saturn  which is a natural malefic and the lord of 4th house which also represents vehicles. On top of this she had worn Saturn's gemstone blue sapphire in her finger which gave more killing power to Saturn. That is why it is said that gemstones should always be worn after consulting an astrologer.
Instead of wearing blue sapphire, Jupiter and Saturn needed to be propitiated and Lagna needed to be strengthened.

Due to the above mentioned reasons  this dasha proved to be fatal for her and the world lost a beautiful princess who was not just beautiful by face but by heart as well.


  1. what a connection

  2. How you can say that mars is placed in 10th does not look like....and ketu is sitting in 4th house but ketu is sitting in 11th house.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have gone thru' your answers and find them awesome.... Really
    You are blessed! ! I need to know if theres any ritual, day and time
    to use a Navaratna ring.
    My ring would be ready in a week. Currently I am using a yellow
    Topaz on my right hand ring finger., can i continue using my topaz
    Together with my navaratna ring?
    Your advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Dob 23/12/1946
    Time:- 2pm
    Place:- Kuala lumpur,Malaysia.
    Sex:- Female.

    Thank you most humbly.


    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. Please refer the following post for the procedure and rituals.

      At the time of reciting the mantra, you have to recite mantras of all 9 planets

      1)Om Cham Chandraaye Namaha
      2)Om Suryaaye Namaha
      3)Om Kam Kujaaye Namaha
      4)Om Bum Budhaaye Namaha
      5)Om Gam Gurve Namaha
      6)Om sham shukraaye Namaha
      7)Om Sham Shanishcharaaye namaha
      8)Om Ram Rahuve Namaha
      9)Om Kam Ketve Namaha

      Recite all the mantra for at least 8 times. Aug 12 is a good day to wear it. Time between 7:12am and 8:12am (Malaysia time)

    2. So what u are saying is that God who is above all the other insignificant lesser evils or planets did not give a f*&K even though she as you said she was a good and kind heart-ed soul...mmmmm.. Dont mention beauty - its not a protection against death...

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