Monday, February 27, 2012

Venus and Profession (Shukra aur Vyavasaaye)

Venus rules over diamonds, gems, jewels, ornaments, marriage, perfumes, friends, garlands, young women, cowdung, learning, and silver.

Venus is the Karaka for music. Strong Venus as a significator of profession produces musicians, when the appropriate houses are active. Influence of other planets like Mercury etc., would denote playing on musical instruments.
Venus denotes painters, singers and artists of all kinds. Benefic influence of Mercury is required, as Mercury gives the necessary intellectual ability.

Venus is the karaka for vehicle. (vahana karaka) It can give employment connected with vehicles, transport, railway, bus, air travel and shipping.

Venus is the karaka for all fine arts, such as painting, music, dance, etc.

Venus is a feminine planet. Thus it indicates earning through the association of women. Professions like film industry, cinema, acting, directing are closely connected with Venus.


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