Monday, February 27, 2012

Jupiter and Profession (Brahaspati aur Vyavasaaye)

Jupiter governs religion, duties, legal affairs, devotion, good fortune, wealth, worship of deities, brahmins, teaching, puranas, scriptures, Vedas and correct conduct.
Jupiter rules over law and justice. It produces lawyers and advocates when connected with the house of profession and if other factors agree

Jupiter is the Karaka for wealth. When this is well-placed and receives good aspects and extends its influence over the ascendant or the ascendant lord the person gets much wealth through assets, interest etc.

Jupiter produces noble, magnanimous people who are reliable and truthful. They are honest in their dealings. They are helpful to others. They are of an optimistic nature.

Jupiter is the karaka for law. Judges and lawyers are signified by Jupiter. Jupiter is for knowledge. It denotes professors, philosophers preceptors, gurus etc.

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