Sunday, May 5, 2019

Why You Should NEVER Wear Heated Gemstones | Astrologer Gaurav Malhotra Explains

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain Why Heated or Heat Treated Gemstones should never be worn.

Heated gemstones are processed stone. They are heated on high temperature and synthetic colors are added to them to make them look beautiful. During this process, they loose their astrological significance. Hence heated gems should not be worn and one should only go for unheated gemstones/ratnas. Bangkok gems are almost always heated so one should not buy Bangkok gems for astrological purpose.
Lab certification doesn't always tell about the treatments done on the stone. Special tests need to be performed to know about the treatments but experienced gemologists can tell the certification just by looking at the stone from the naked eye.

Here is the YouTube Video link: 

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