Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sun Sign Vs Moon Sign | Western Vs Vedic Astrology [YouTube Video]

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain the difference between a sun sign and a moon sign. 

Sun Sign is mostly used in Western Astrology. Western Astrology gives more focus on Sun sign whereas Vedic astrology gives more focus on Moon sign.
Sun sign usually ranges within one month which means that the people born within one month are given the same sign. Whereas Moon sign changes in 2 to 2.5 days hence people born within 2 to 2.5 days are given the same sign. Hence Vedic Astrology is much more accurate than western astrology.
Western astrology is a cooked up version of vedic astrology. 

Al Biruni came with muslim invaders to India. Translated several books related to astronomy, astrology, physics, geography etc. into Arabic and other languages. These got popular in Arab world and from there they traveled to Europe Where people jumbled up and cooked up vedic astrology and came up with what is now known as Western Astrology.
One should look at Moon sign instead of Sun sign.

Here is the link to the YouTube video:

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