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Some Easy Remedies for Child Related Problems (Bachchon se Sambandhit Samasyaaon ke Kuchh Asaan Upay)

I am going to write some easy remedies for the problems related to children in this blog post.(Android users who are watching this post through my app (Astro Junction App) on their smartphones, should click on the title of the post above to see the complete post.)

1) If a lady doesn't conceive or the children keeps dying within few days after birth then this remedy should be done. 
Take an earthen pot, fill it with honey and bury it in a funeral ground on any Tuesday.

2) If the children do not live after taking birth then distribute salty preparation instead of sweets and,

till the age of 5 - 

  • make the newly born child wear old clothes, 
  • do not cut his or her hair 
  • and do not call him/her by the actual name

3) To increase memory and concentration of children, add two teaspoons of unboiled milk in the water and give bath to the child with this water. This should be done at least once a week. 

4) In case of frequent nightmares, keep a piece of alum under the child's pillow on a Tuesday or Sunday. 

5) If the child gets affected by evil eye frequently, make him/her wear a cowrie (Kaudi) in black thread around neck. 

6) If your child remain ill most of the time then get a bangle (Kadaa) made of AshtDhatu (A combination of eight metals, gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron and mercury) on Tuesday. Wash the bangle with ganges water, apply vermillion (sindoor) on it, recite hanuman chalisa while taking the bangle in right hand and then make the child wear this bangle in right hand. 

I hope the above remedies will be beneficial to the readers. 

इस पोस्ट में मैं पाठकों के लाभ के लिए बच्चों से सम्बंधित कुछ समस्याओं के लिए आसान से उपाय लिखने जा रहा हूँ । 

1) अगर किसी औरत को बच्चा न होता हो या होते ही मर जाते हों तो किसी भी मंगलवार के दिन एक मिटटी की हंडिया में शहद भरकर श्मशान भूमि में दबाएं । 

2) अगर बच्चे पैदा होते ही मरते रहते हों तो बच्चे के जन्म पर मीठे के बजाये नमकीन बाँटें और 5 साल की उम्र तक -

  • बच्चे को पुराने या मांगे हुए कपडे पहनाएं 
  • बच्चे को उसके असली नाम से न पुकारें 
  • बच्चे के बाल न कटवाएं 
3) बच्चे की स्मरण शक्ति और एकाग्रता बढ़ाने के लिए पानी में 2 चम्मच कच्चा दूध मिलाकर इस पानी से बच्चे को नहलाएं । इसे हफ्ते में कम से कम एक बार करें । 
4) अगर बच्चे को बुरे सपने आते हों या फिर बच्चा नींद में डरकर उठता हो तो किसी भी मंगलवार या रविवार को बच्चे के सिरहाने के नीचे फिटकरी का टुकड़ा रख दें । 
5) अगर बच्चे को बुरी नज़र लगती रहती हो तो एक कौड़ी काले धागे में डालकर गले में पहना देनी चाहिए । 
6) अगर बच्चा बीमार रहता हो तो मंगलवार के दिन अष्टधातु का एक कड़ा बनवा लें, इसे गंगाजल से धोकर, सिन्दूर का तिलक लगा दें और फिर इसे अपने दायें हाथ में लेकर हनुमान चालीसा का पाठ करें और फिर इसे बच्चे के दायें हाथ में पहना दें । 
आशा है यह उपाय पाठकों के लिए फायदेमंद रहेंगे ।  

Gaurav Malhotra

About the Author:

Gaurav Malhotra is a B Tech in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT, Kurukshetra) and a passionate follower of Astrology. He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills. You can contact him on his email You can also read more about him on his page. His Facebook page is this.


  1. Any optional remedy for people who are living in foreign countries who cannot do this ??

  2. Pandit ji
    Please, suggest some thing for long life of his / her life partner.
    Please. I would be very thankful

    1. There are many yantras for this particular purpose. Mahamrityunjay mantra and havan also helps to serve this purpose.

  3. panditji, my son is underweight since birth. he is 6 yrs old now and falls ill every now and then,..less immunity.... kindly suggest some upay for weight gain and increasing immunity...

    1. I would suggest a bal raksha yantra for him.

  4. My married life is disturb my date of birth 11. 12.1974 night 10:11 ambala cantt

    1. Please send me an email at

  5. Sir I want to conceive a baby my dob is 24 April 1979 time is 6:36 pm Lahore Pakistan, plz suggest me some upaye

    1. You should wear the taveez of Rahu planet.

  6. guruji, meri beti ghar par bahut masti karti hai par bahar aur school main biahut kam bolti hai...apne se bahut chote bachcho se b pit kar aati hai... use samjhati hun ki koi agar mare to use danto par wo nahi samajhti..ghar par bahut ache se rehti hai par bahar ekdum alag... padai main b kam dhyan hai...pls koi upay batayiye...

    1. Aap roz uske liye neeche diye hue mantra recite kariye. Mantra recite karne se pehle ye man mein soche ki ye aap apni beti ke liye kar rahi hain aur is recitation ka poora benefit aapki beti ko jaaye

      Is remedy ke dono mantra 108 baar

      Is post mein diya gaya mantra 31 times daily.


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