Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Festivals And Fasts in the Month of October (October Maheene ke Vrat Aur Tyohaar)

October 1 – Ashwin month begins in North India
October 1 – Ashunyasayan Vrat
October 3 – Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat

October 6 – Chandan Sashti in certain parts of North India
October 8 – Jitiya Vrat
October 8 – 16-day Mahalakshmi Vrat comes to an end
October 9 – Avidava Navami
October 12 – Ekadasi Fasting
October 13 – Pradosh Vrat
October 15 – Amavasya
October 15, 2012 – Mahalaya Sarva Pitru Shradh Amavasya
October 16 – Navratri Begins
October 16 – Ashwin month begins in calendars followed in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh
October 17 – Aippasi month begins in Tamil Calendar
October 17 – Thulam Month begins in Malayalam Calendar
October 18 – Kartik Month begins in Bengali Calendar
October 20 – Lalitha Panchami
October 20 – Sashti Fasting – Durga Puja Shasti
October 21 – Durga Puja Saptami, Saraswati Avahan
October 22
Durga Ashtami, Saraswati Puja, Mahanisha Puja
October 23 – Mahanavami, Saraswati Visarjan – Navratri ends
October 24 – Vijayadasami, Dasara
October 24 – Vidyarambham in Kerala
October 24 – Shirdi Saibaba Punyatithi
October 25 – Ekadasi Vrat
October 27 – Pradosh Vrat
October 29 – Purnima – full moon day
October 29 – Kojagari Lakshmi Puja
October 29 – Sharad Purnima
October 30 – Kartik Month begins in North India

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