Friday, August 3, 2012

Should Yellow Sapphire be Worn in Index Finger ? (Kya Pukhraj ko Tarjani Ungli Mein Pahanana Chahiye ?)

I am sure your answer to this question would be "Yes". Because most of the astrologers suggest yellow sapphire to be worn on the index finger. 

Let me ask you two questions now:
1) At the time of havan while offering havan samagri in auspicious fire do you use index finger ?
2) While reciting mantra with the help of a japa mala(rosary), do you allow your index finger to even touch the mala ?

The answer to both the above questions is certainly a "No".

It clearly shows that the index finger is considered very inauspicious for all auspicious activities. That is why this finger should not be used for wearing any gemstone, not even yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphire gives better results in ring finger. This has been testified by renowned astrologers L R Chawdhri and Sanjay Rath as well. 
If you are still wearing the ring on your index finger, you can change the finger and put it in ring finger of right hand on a shukla paksha Thursday after following the proper procedure of mantra recitation.


Gaurav Malhotra

About the Author:

Gaurav Malhotra is a B Tech in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT, Kurukshetra) and a passionate follower of Astrology. He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills. You can contact him on his email You can also read more about him on his page.


  1. क्या पुखराज को चांदी में डलवाना चाहिए या सोने में ?

  2. Dear Gaurav Sir, I hope you remember me. How are u? i hope all is well at your nd.

    Sir, can u please let me know that is there any specific method of doing sundar kand path??

    Sugandha :)

    1. Dear Sugandha Ji

      Yes, I very well remember you. Hope you are doing good. Following are the ways to get maximum benefit from sundarkand path:

      Sunderkand can be done any time, any day with or without music. However following will help one to get maximum advantage.

      If you are doing alone it is better you do it early morning around 4-6 in “Bhrahm Mahurat”.
      A group Sunderkand can be done any time but gives maximum benefit when done after 7pm in the evening.
      Sunderkand done in a group with music is Ideal.
      Sunderkand done in group with music around 5 am on Tuesday, Saturday, on full moon day and no moon day is the ultimate for getting benefits.
      While doing Sunderkand one should not get up at the same time phone should be switched off, no break or no intra or inter talking.
      Sunderkand done after understanding the meaning of the verses mentioned therein gives instant result.
      Before commencing Sunderkand one should take bath and wear light colored clothes.
      Sunderkand should be done with empty stomach and fasting on Saturdays or Tuesday gives maximum benefit.
      Sunderkand necessarily be started by ‘AAHAVAN’ [‘invitation’ verses of shri Hanumanji] and ended by “BIDAI”.
      In order to get better concentration during Sunderkand, do not leave your eyes away from the book. If you do not require a book than close your eyes and imagine the Pratima of Shri Hanumanji.


  3. Hi Gaurav,

    I am looking for your kind suggestions, Have mailed my queries at your email address. Your kind suggestion will be highly appreciated.

  4. Hello Gaurav,

    My date of birth is 4:30 AM or 4:35 AM on 5th August 1982. Can you please suggest some method so that i can have my correct time of birth. As there is a lagan change between 4:30 AM and 4:35 PM. As per
    4:30 i have cancer lagna and as per 4:35 i have mithun lagna.

    Thanks in Advance.

  5. Namaskar Panditji,In which hand one should wear the sapphire ring

  6. I am wearing 7.1 ratti pukhraj...even earlir I wore 5.25 rattis,...they become pale after some time of wearing,,,at time of purchasing they are quite shining.My dob is 5-5-78,11;40 pm ,delhi.Should a married girl wear pukhraj in left hand.As my astrologer told me.How can I feel its affect.

  7. Namaskar Panditji

    Sir neri meri dob 24-02-1979 10 p.m ki hai mene apne pandit ji ki advice se pukhraj pehna hai..but mujhe ye nahi pate ki kis hand ki kis finger me pehante hai please reply karna



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