Monday, July 16, 2012

Remedy for Flatulence (Gas ki Takleef ka Upay)

Yantra for flatulence

In this post, I am going to give a remedy for flatulence.The figure given above indicates the yantra which will cure the problem of flatulence. 

Procedure: On a Sunday, draw the above yantra on a copper or silver plate with kesar. Name of the patient should replace the word "Sham". Yantra should be drawn before sunrise. After sunrise, it should be washed with water and the water should be stored. The water should be taken by the patient for 41 days.


  1. sir tell me ki ye ek hi bar banana h ki katam hone par dubara banana h .

  2. Dear Sahik Ji

    Ise ek hi baar banaana hai aur paani ko store karke rakh lena hai aur roz peena hai 41 din tak.Paani ko fridge mein rakh sakte hain.


  3. sir

    patient ko khud karna hoga ya koi our kar sakta hai

    1. banaa koi bhi sakta hai lekin peena patient ko hai

  4. can ladies have it during the monthly cycle also to cover the continuous 41 days rule?

  5. Do we have to abhimantrit the yantra by doing some jaap before doing this procedure


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