Monday, May 7, 2012

Scorpio Personality Traits (Vrishchik Rashi ka Vyaktitva)

Let us explore the significant personality traits of the eighth sign of Zodiac that is Scorpio. The traits mentioned below will fructify if Scorpio is the sign in the lagna or the rashi (Moon Sign). This sign is ruled by Mars.

People should not jump on the conclusion just by looking at the significant personality traits and the sign in their lagna (Ascendant) or rashi because there will always be influence from the other planets which may change the personality of the native. 

Psychological: Scorpions are sarcastic and impulsive, a female born in this sign will be masculine in nature. Interested in occult forms of study they possess a subtle mind, hard to influence.

Physical: Scorpions are handsome in appearance. Their bones are well developed with broad eyes, tall figure,curly hair and broad forehead. Their personality is forceful with prominent brows.

General: They will have a generous disposition. They are exceedingly fickle minded and love much excitement. They are correspondents. They are good fighters. Endurance, dignity and perseverance are other positive characteristics of scorpions. Anger, criticisms and sarcasm are the weaknesses of scorpions.  

Significant Scorpions: Aishwarya Rai, Anne Hathaway

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