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Lal Kitab Remedies for Happy Life (Khushhaal Zindagi ke Liye Lal Kitab ke Kuch Upay)

Lal Kitab has several remedies where it tries to teach us to live in harmony with people, relatives and nature. Keeping this in view following remedies have been suggested to improve certain areas of life. These are general remedies and can be done by anyone. More specific remedies can be suggested based on the horoscope.

  • Respect your father.  This will strengthen your Sun who ascertains success, high post, help from Government etc.
  • Respect your mother. Moon in Lal Kitab represents mother. Moon also signifies wealth and education in Lal Kitab. So, if mother is misbehaved, the native will see ill effects in the above said areas.
  • Respect Elderly People, Saint, Priest for strengthening Jupiter in your chart. Jupiter is a planet that bestows knowledge, wisdom, wealth and fortune etc.
  • Ketu represents son and luxurious life in Lal Kitab. Ketu also represents dog. So, avoid kicking dogs or beating them.  Better feed them. This will improve the effect of dragon's tail (ketu) and hence improve the financial condition and the well being of your son.
  • Use silver tumbler and utensils.  This brings good effect of moon and remove the bad effects of dragon's head (Rahu).
  • Make arrangement for keeping dining table close to the kitchen. Avoid eating while seated on your bed.  This reduces ill effect of Rahu.
  • Dispose of articles which have not been used for decades, do not clutter your house /office with unnecessary articles.  This upay also reduces bad effect of Rahu.
The above two steps will reduce the bad effect of dragon head (rahu) who is natural malefic and whose job is to cause unnecessary and avoidable worries and fears, quarrels etc.

  • Feed cows.  This improves conjugal life and health of wife as cow represents Venus in Lal Kitab. Venus also represents Wife. So serving a cow would benefit the wife and the marital life.
  • Feed crows/fish.  This brings affluence and enhances mother's health. Crows are represented by Saturn.
  • Feed monkeys to improve financial condition and getting favors from the government.
  • Wear gold ring, golden strap on your wrist or apply saffron on your forehead for better luck and all round improvement in your affairs. 


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Gaurav Malhotra

About the Author:

Gaurav Malhotra is a B Tech in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT, Kurukshetra) and a passionate follower of Astrology. He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills. You can contact him on his email You can also read more about him on his page.


  1. sir,
    I have been reading ur blog many times,i find it very informative and remedies are very useful.

    I want to ask about my fiancee who is currently living in australia since 2008, but he is facing many obstacles to get visa/sponsership , can you please suggest lal kitab remedies that can help one settle in abroad.

    sukhvir singh
    D.O.B 20TH april 1982
    place: sangrur, punjab
    time: 07.58 am...(we got it rectified with an astrologer)


  2. Guruji...My DOB is 22-07-1977 and time of birth is 23:04 PM. My parents have passed away and borther and sister have also deserted me inspite of me being respectful and always helping to them. Is there any way i can bring almost all of the sour relations to a good state..??? waiting for your divine words and direction..

    1. Please send me an email at with complete birth details (including the city of birth)

  3. Hi,

    I have a general query. Is it possible to cross verify our DOB.

    1. Yes it is possible but lengthy process.

  4. Sir mera nam noorie h mere koi dost nahi bante konsa greh kamjor h jo jo dost dushman banjate h plz help

  5. Namaste Gaurav ji, My lot of money is wasted on repairing my& (son's) cars & ridiculously there is little or unknown problem its every third day story.. Plus it gives lot of troubles. Is there any upaay that could help. Thanks & your able help is appreciated. Nav

    1. Please install maruti yantra in your as well as your son's cars. Please remember to energize the yantras before installing them. You can energize both the yantras together. Please refer this post

    2. Thank you very much for your help


  6. kamal kishore 22 may 1977 at 10:09 am DELHI.
    Sir how can i built my House .
    can u pls suggest me ?

    I have consulted many but they suggested me to wated till When I am 48 yrs old.

    Sir so pls concern me .

  7. hii sir hw r u i m vishal mere papa ki sadesati chal rahi he mere papa ka besness nai chal raha he or mere sath unka bahut jagda hota he to plzzz bataye kya kare orrr meri mumy ka stone ka problem hee he to unka opration karva na he to kare ki naivo bataye meri mumy ka b'day date 30/9/73 or papa ki 12/8/69 plz replyyyyy

    1. Aap roz surya ko jal dijiye neeche di hui post ke anusaar

      Iske alaawa apne papa ko kahiye ki neeche vaali post mein diye hue upay ko kam se kam 3 maheene mein ek baar karen

  8. Guru ji pls help me. I sent you mail also. Meenakshi nayyar 20-10-1984 9.10 pm new delhi. Please tell me about my job and my divorce is in process my daughter is 3 years old. What should i do

    1. Meenakshi Ji

      I will have to look at your horoscope in details for this. I will take 3-4 weeks for this because I am extremely busy these days and have a backlog of over 1000 emails.

  9. pranam guru ji mera naam rajendra hai D.O.B.23-02-1979 time 8.35 pm distt. gonga UP hai meri shadi se related sawal hai ki meri shadi kab hogi aur shadi to bahut aati hai lekin kahin tay nahi ho pati hai. meri shadi kab hogi aur koi upay ho to bataiye

  10. sir i am facing family problem since two years. my wife is living separately with two childrens. she is asking for divorce but i donot want cause my two childrens. sir i have struggled from my childhood.

    2. i have retired from airforce in nov 2012. and searchingfor he job but cuoldnot get it. my details are as follows

    mukesh saini

    DOB 17 MARCH 1973

    TIME 06:50 AM




    DOB 29 JULY 1980


    TIME 9:19 AM


    sir is there any chance for foreign.



  11. pranaam guruji,
    guru ji my problem is that me amd my husband got some money from a investment which every body in relatives and friends come to know.. now the thing is that my husband is not ready to invest that money anywhere and my relatives and friends have started asking for money.. my husband has given a large amount of it to his parents but then also they are not satisfied... they are emotionally blackmailing my husband and asking for more.. my in-laws have started playing dirty games as they called my husband and said that because he is not giving more money so they have started borrowing from other relatives... now they want that we should help them to pay back the in-laws have a good fixed monthly income...but then also they are very greedy... guru ji pls tell me some upaye so that i can save the money (the amount we are left with) from my relatives and friends... guru ji this money is inportant to me as this is the only saving i have...pls hepl me..

  12. Main apni ladki ke gusse se bahut pareshan hoon .maine use navrattan braclet bhi dharan karwaya hai par gussa nahi ja raha kya karna chahiye guru ji.

    1. Gusse ke liye sabse achha upya hota hai har ekadashi par fast rakhna. Iske alaawa 2 mukhi rudraksha bhi pahan sakte hain

  13. guri ji, pranam. Please help me to solve my problem. I lost all my money in business and since last one and half year I have not earned a single rupee.
    My DOB: 25-12-1962
    Time of Birth- 0930 PM
    Place- Saharanpur.

    Please help me tell what should I do. Will I get success in Finance and education sector.
    Thanks and regards,
    Pradeep Kumar Verma

    1. Please do following remedies

  14. 2.24am mumbai born... 3 august 1983... not getting married... please help

    1. You need to do following remedies

      1) Fast on all Sundays. You can take sweet fruits and milk during fast.
      2) Recite this mantra for 108 times daily "ॐ नमो भगवते रुक्मिणीवल्लभाय स्वाहा " This is called Rukmini Vallabh mantra and it's a powerful mantra
      3) Recite Rahu mantra for 108 times daily "Om Ram Rahuve Namaha"

      There are chances after June 2014. You should control your passion and should watch your mental health because your moon is in 12th house.

  15. Sir my sister get married on may 2013 but her husband and his family leave her so pls tell me some remedy so that they accept again her keep her in family

    1. Please do this remedy

  16. i am almost losing my job. what to do?

  17. my husband dob is 15th jan 1982 6 30 am, Kanpur.
    how to improve his business and his relationship with me.
    we get along but his family brings in problem always. please suggest reasons and remedies.

    1. Please refer these posts

  18. guri ji, pranam. Please help me to solve my problem - not getting married and good job-kya gov .job ka yog hai our shadi kab tak hogi -My DOB: 28-03-1985
    Time of Birth- 09.45 AM
    Place-Kalyan(Maharashtra) -

    1. guru ji pranam,please help 18th december ko post ki thi

    2. Please do these remedies

      1) Offer water to surya everyday.

      2) Wear 8 mukhi and 10 mukhi rudrakshas together in a black or red thread as per the following posts after energizing them

      3) Recite Shani mantra daily for at least 108 times “Om Sham Shanish Charaaye Namaha”

      4) Complete 18,000 recitations of Rahu mantra within a maximum of 40 days. The mantra is "Om Ram Rahuve Namaha" Strict physical (no sex, no non veg, no wine cigrette etc.) and mental purity is required during these 40 days. Keep Lord Shiva's image in mind and recite the mantra with complete faith and concentration in a secluded place in the house.

      5) Recite this mantra daily
      It is a powerful mantra.
      6) Have all your meals while sitting in the kitchen especially at the time when stove in the kitchen is still being used to cook something.

      7) Stay away from wine, non veg and cigarette. These are Saturn’s things, consuming them won’t give you good effect.
      8) This remedy also proves quite helpful in this situation

  19. Guru ji me padhai or accident ki samsiya se pareshan hu koi upay bataye... Plz help guru ji

    1. Please email me at

  20. Plz help me Im to much frustrate of my life. Bahut sari problms hai aur badhti ja rhi h kuch thik nhi ho rha h. I don't hav a good job I have fmly problm. I love someone a lot bt he dont want to marry with me bt mai chahti hu humari shadi ho jaye. Aur sb thik ho jaye.
    My dob 19.10.1986
    Time. 7.43 am. Plc. Raipur

  21. pranam guruji my name is jignesh my dob is 11jan 1978 time 6 a.m. ahmedabad gujarat mein konse ratan pahenu aur health mein muje indigestion kabhi kabhi tannav bhi raheta he plz suggest remedy thanks

    1. Aap ye remedies dekhiye

  22. namaskar pandit ji....

    after having 4 years of affair. i got married with my b.f. on 7th jan 2014 which is inter-caste marriage. but got separated on 10th jan 2014 by both of our families as they are not agree with our marriage.
    and we both want to spend our life together.
    please pandit ji provide me your remedies...
    my details are:-
    8:45 am (approx)
    kaithal haryana.

    and detail of my husband is:-
    11:50 pm(approx)

    pandit ji we want that both of our families become agree.
    and problem is one more that still my parents want me to get married else where....

    in the end of the story i continuously thinking about to commit suicide..

    but i know this is not the right decision..
    please help us as early as possible a you can pandit ji..!

    thank you!

  23. Hello
    Gaurav Ji,
    NAMAH shivay

    My bdate :.22-03-1983, time: 01:45AM place : dhari , gujarat India

    Prob.: financial crunch, worries to set in career
    Presently I am living in rajkot city- gujarat, job in publication company. My income is very limited and expenses and family responsiblity is high, plz give me remedies and plz advice for abroad job it is possible to get, foreign yog ha, me abroad set hona chahta Hu.
    Warmest Regards

  24. guru ji pranam, mene kisi ko paise diye the jo ab ni de rha he, please mujhe anar ki katori wala lal kitab ka upay bata dijiye.
    meri dob 19/4/1982
    dot 12:30 pm
    birth place joonakhera, jhalawar rajasthan he.
    please guruji me bahut pareshan hoon.
    koi isse acha upay ho to vo bhi batane ki kripa kare

  25. Sir my DOB is 5.4.1064 8.10 pm in New Delhi, from 6 months jobless and going through financial crisis, kindly suggest some remedies to get of rid with this situation. I'll be highly obliged. my mail id is

  26. Dear Sir,
    Pranaam !!
    I am siddhartha, i am not getting married. My date of birth is 3.11.84, Time is 7.40 PM,Place Saharanpur. Sir, I request you to please help/guide me with some upay so all hurdles are removed & my marriage takes places soothingly.
    Thank you

  27. Dear Sir,
    Mera naam alok hai meri samsya yah hai ki mai lagbhag 7 saal se kam kar raha hu but jo bhi kam karta hu wo thik tarah se chal nahi pata or paise ka bahut nuksaan hota kabhi koi paise le kar baith jata hai kabhi koi hamesha aisa hi hota plz koi upay batiye.
    DOB : 18/05/1989
    Time: 11:13 AM
    Place ; Khatauli (U.P)
    Dhanyvad sir plz reply jarur kare

    1. Please send me an email at


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