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More Remedies for Migraine (Aadha Seesi ke Dard ke Kuchh Aur Upay)

I had given a remedy for Migraine in one of my previous posts. I am going to write more remedies for Migraine in this post. 

Here is the remedy:

The main item which you need for this remedy is Munakka (Currant).  Take a Munakka and remove its seeds. Fill it with camphor, I don't suggest the wax based camphor here; instead, I suggest Bhimsaini kapoor, it is easily available in the market. 
Put the Kapoor (Camphor) filled Munakka (single piece) in a bowl by your bedside towards your head during the night and sleep. Fix the alarm clock to such a setting that you are awakened at least one hour before sunrise. 

After you wake up, brush your teeth. Don't eat anything as yet because you have to eat Munakka empty stomach.Eat the Munakka gently, chew it slowly and swallow. The taste will be acrid. It may seem a bit tasteless.

After this even if you are not feeling sleepy, return to bed and rest for an hour by covering your head with a blanket. It is a must.

If you do it for 3 days continuously, you will be amazed to see the results. You can repeat it if doesn't resolve the problem.

There are no side effects or after effects of this remedy.

2) Inhaling of neem leaves juice and pure cow ghee also gives relief in Migraine.

3) It is important that coffee, tea, chocolates, ice-creams and any diuretic food which increases the flow of water from the body is avoided.

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Remedy for Migraine (Aadha Seesi Ka Dard ka Upaye) 

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  1. Thanks sir...I used this remedy and it helped me a lot

  2. Dear Gauravji,

    Many thanks for this remedy. My husband is suffering from severe migraines off and on. We were not able to figure out if it was arising from Pitta or BP [he has border line BP]. I shall now definitely ask him to try this out.

    I wanted to understand what this Munakka means. Any other local or common name for this. How is it to look at?

    Is the camphor used the edible one which we use in dishes cooked?

    Many thanks,


    1. Munakka is Currant or raisin. It is also called kishmish in hindi the only difference is, it is bigger in size. Here is one link with the image of Munakka

      Yes the same camphor which is used in dishes as well. I have written another post on Migraine as well. Here is the link for the same

      I will write another remedy for migraine in future.

    2. That was so helpful. Umpteen thanks and blessings.

      Shall definitely try this out and let you know the result.


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