Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mantra- A Powerful Remedial Measure in Astrology (Jyotish aur Mantra)

Mantra is considered to be a powerful remedial measure in Astrology (Jyotish). In fact in some of the cases Mantras are more powerful than gemstones. I mostly prescribe Mantra Chanting to people for propitiating/strengthening the planets rather than the gemstones.
There are two reasons behind it:  

1) Gemstones are costly so heavy on pocket.
2) Even after paying hefty amount, you are never sure that the gemstone that you have got is original. 

Mantras are equally powerful but the only thing is you have to invest some time in the chanting. Based on the purpose, Mantras have been categorized into 6 categories :

1) Shanti (Pacification): Meant for the destruction of diseases, general well being and emancipation. These are known as Satvik Mantras.

2) Vashikaran (Captivation): Through these mantras, you can put under your control any woman, man, officer, minister, soul, animal etc. These mantras are Rajsik.

3) Stambhan (Immobilization): Meant for mentally or physically obstructing a person or group. These mantras are Rajsik.

4) Videshan (Dissention): These mantras are used for creating differences between couples or close friends or allies. These mantras are Tamsik.

5) Uchchattan (Aversion): Meant for making a person hate another person or place. These mantras are Tamsik.

6) Maran (Eradication): Meant for causing the death of a person (or enemy). These mantras are Tamsik.

Please remember that if you use the mantras to harm anyone for your own interest, you are also not going to be spared and will definitely see the adverse effects of harming someone. So, we have to be very careful about the use of mantras. With great power comes the great responsibility.

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  1. Gaurav,Explain Shanti Mantra, in detail that is gud for mankind. What is shanti mantra? Hope u will reply on blog in detail.

    1. I will explain that in my future posts in detail

  2. Gaurav, please give details about these mantras and if possible then let me know the mantras and their pronunciation.....

    1. I will write posts about these mantras in future.

  3. gaurav jii...
    my husband believes people easily..there are people who r takin advantage of this and trying to separate my husband from me purely for monetary purpose.can videshan mantras be used to separate them from my husband.does that cause any harm to my husband?
    please help me with a mantra to get my husband out of such peoples relation or friendship

    1. Please send me an email and expect my response in another 2 weeks from now.

  4. Sir I feel black magic has done by anyone but if I go to any astrologer they removed the effect then I came back it's effect all the time I feel that as like tie with rope it's effect by other person came my home through that person or my family then it's effect transfer on after sometime on me I cannot do any activity properly all the time I feel tired if I read mahamritunja mantra hangman chalisa but effect does not remove my life is full of obstacles will you please help me to remove this effect what should I wear it effect does not come to me and my family

    1. Please email me at


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