Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Coral and Contradictory Stones(Kaunse Ratna Moonga ke Sath Nahi Pahanane Chahiye)

I have already discussed in my previous two posts about the stones which should not be worn with Ruby and Pearl. In this post I will discuss the stones which should not be worn with Red Coral. 

In Astrology, Mars rules over Red Coral. The enemies of Mars are Mercury, Venus and Saturn. The stones of Mercury, Venus and Saturn are Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire. So if someone is wearing red coral, he should not wear Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire because their lords are enemies of Mars.

Apart from this Rahu and Ketu's stones Gomed and cat's eye should also not be worn with Red Coral.

If the gemstones of enemy planets are worn, they might do harm rather than giving benefit just like if two medicines, which react with each other, are taken together, may harm the person.

Gemstones that should NOT be worn with Red Coral
Red Coral
Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Gomeda and Cat’s Eye

Gemstone is a specialized area and great care should be taken and an expert astrologer should be consulted before wearing a gemstone else it may even harm you.
Please also refer quick reference gemstone guide on my blog. 

रत्न जो मूंगे के साथ नहीं पहने जाने चाहिए
हीरा, नीलम, पन्ना,गोमेद, लहसुनिया



  1. Please post something about to check the Genuinity of stones...thanks

  2. sir my mother is wearing red coral (right hand ring finger) and hessonite (gomed) left hand middle finger. her date of birth is 02/ 04/ 1961. time 06.10 A.M. Place Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. sir please can u suggest something for her.is she wearing right gemstones? astrolger told her to wear gomed. many remedies, we are so confused. she is in govt. service she works very hard but suffers from many diseases.we are in a financial turmoil also and mental pressure.it will be so kind of you if u help us.

  3. Please give me your contact number

  4. Sir, I am wearing a gomed in my little finger and coral on my right arm. Will that make a problem? Please suggest. My birth day is 5/1/1991 at 5.30pm

    1. You should remove both the stones. You shoudl wear an emerald and a white coral. You should also wear mangal yantra and Rahu yantra. Refer these links




  5. My date of birth in 06/04/1992 at 14:32 pm i am wearing red and white coral locket with Rudraksha in neck and a gomed in right hand is it ok

    1. You should wear only these stones.

      1) Red coral

      2) Salt water pearl

      3) Mercury yantra.

      Plz refer these links




      Please make sure that you buy unheated and untreated stones. Most of the stones are either heat treated or treated by other chemicals which reduces or completely destroys their astrological benefit hence they are of no use. So, always BUY them from a TRUSTED SELLER and if you don't know any trusted seller then you can also ORDER them from ME.


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