Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Faced Rudraksha (Panchmukhi Rudraksha)

Five faced or Panchmukhi rudraksha increases the concentration level and power of gaining knowledge. So, it is very good for students. Panchmukhi Rudraksha symbolizes pancheshwar or Panchmukhi Shiva. Panchmukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Jupiter which is the karaka of knowledge and wisdom.
Benefits: Five Mukhi Rudraksha increases the knowledge and wisdom. The wearer of this bead is always at peace and has strong memory. It is believed that the wearer of this bead does not die an untimely death.

Who Should Use it:  Five mukhi Rudraksha should be used by the students who need great concentration level and memory power. It can also be used by the people who are suffering from diseases of heart, liver, feet, kidney, thigh, ear, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc.

How to Use it: On any Monday,

  • Rinse the Bead(s) of Rudraksha in water of Ganga.
  • Apply the sandal wood paste/tilak on it.  
  • Lit insane and the lamp of Ghee. 
  • Offer some white flowers to the Rudraksha.
  • Chant Panchakshari Mantra (given below) for 11 times
and wear the Rudraksha. 

Please keep in mind the precautions given for Rudraksha in my earlier post. Though you can wear it on any Monday, the best time in the year to wear a Rudraksha is Shivratri. 

Panchakshari Mantra: 

ह्रां आं क्षंयों सः
Om Hram Aam Kshamyom Sah

Click on this link to download and listen to above mantra. 
ऊपर दिए हुए मंत्र को डाउनलोड करके सुनने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें ।


  1. I like the mantra...

  2. Hi Gaurav nice information, tell something about ek mukhi n saat mukhi i ve both of them

    1. Thanks Atul. Please see the related posts below or go to "Rudraksh" under "Remedies" or search Ekmukhi in the search box. I have written a short post on it. I will be writing on saat mukhi as well.


  3. Nice one and informative.
    What color thread is to be used for wearing.
    Cotton or silken ?

    Well Wisher

  4. good information mine is 07-06-1977 at 4 pm suggest me rudraksh pls

  5. Hi guruji my name is s.srinivas my dob is 11july1990 wed 2:45am i am bron so which rudraksha i can were and for solving helth and financial problems please give me remedy with precaution to were rudhraksha which day i can were

    1. You should wear 15 and 14 mukhi rudrakshas.

  6. Which mukhi will b gud for contractors(builders)

    1. 11 mukhi and 14 mukhi are good.

  7. Sir,
    I bought a panchmukhi rudraksh beed (small size, 54Nos. in silver beed) can I wear the same tomorrow (03.03.2015, tuesday) on Shuka paksha thrayodasi ?? plz. reply..

  8. How to identify the real panchmukhi rudhraksha?..Will you plzz guide me..?


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