Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vedic Rules for Happy Life ( Khushhaal Zindagi ke Liye Kuchh Vedic Niyam)

Before trying Lal Kitab remedies, we should make sure that we are following the general vedic rules failing which even the Lal Kitab remedies will not be of much help. Below are some general vedic rules for happy life.

    • Plant Tulsi (Basil) in your house.
    • Feed Brahmins at least once a year.
    • Worship Lakshmi ji.
    • Give alms on Ekadashi.
    • Welcome Guests warmly and give them the respect they deserve.
    • Do not have sex during the day.
    • Take bath with at least one cloth on your body.
    • Do not disrespect your parents.
    • Respect in-laws.
    • Every morning receive blessings from the elders.
    • Do not consume alcohol.
    • Give due respect to the food you are eating.
    • Do not urinate facing towards the Sun.
    • Always repay the debt that you have taken.
    • Wash all the utensils before you go to bed.
    • Do not keep broken utensils in the home.
    • Always feed the animals.
    • Help handicapped and the widows.
    • Always keep a portion of the floor in the house as un-cemented.
    • Do not live in a south facing home.
    • Do not receive anything for free from anyone.
    • Worship girls and give alms to them.
    • Do not quarrel with in-laws.
    • Live in a joint family.
    • Clean your teeth with a datun made of Keekar. 
    • Always keep your nose clean.
    • Remain dedicated to your wife/husband.
    • Do not eat non vegetarian food.
    • Have faith on God.
    • Do not be angry. Become tolerant.
    • Do not use perfume.
    • Consider Brother's wife as mother.
    • If you have money plant in your home. Give milk instead of water in its roots.
    • When you get up in the morning, before looking at anything else, look at your palms.



    1. hai what s the use of looking at our palms after wakin..??

      1. We earn (karma) with our hands, our destiny stays in our hand and apart from that it is believed that Lakshami (goddess of prosperity) stay at the forepart of the palm, Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge and speech) stays at the middle part of the palm and finally Govinda (lord of life) stays at the base of the palm so it is auspicious to look at the palms just after waking up.

    2. kripaya money plant ki pahchan bataye.
      aur pani ke badle dudh dene se dudh to 1 din me kharab ho jayega to kyo roj dudh badalna cahia....?

      1. Dear Bibek Ji

        Money plant ka paudha bahut hi aam hai aur aap ko kisi bhi maali se mil jaayega. doodh mein thoda paani daalen aur dodh ko kachcha kar lijiye aur phir money plant mein daal dijiye. Maine neeche ek link paste kiya hai jispar money plant ki photos hain.


    3. Gaurav,

      In some remedies like to getting promotion and for good professional progress it is important to wear ironed clothes and use of perfume. However in above mentioned list it says "do not use perfume".
      That puts me in dilemma which way to choose? wthr to use perform or not?

      lkb follower

    4. great information..
      Thanks for sharing

    5. sir plz tell me how to contect u by mail

    6. Divorce jaldi chahiye kaise hoga,patni divorce nahi deti 6 saal hone wale hain kirpya koi acha upay batey


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