Saturday, March 17, 2012

Remedy for Migraine (Aadha Seesi Ka Dard ka Upaye)

Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. The pain of the Migraine headache can be debilitating. Unfortunately doctors still don't know the reason behind Migraine nor there is any treatment for this apart from analgesics.

I am going to write a folk remedy (Totka) for this pain which is not specifically from Lal Kitab but works well. There is no harm in trying at least :) So, here it is

Just before Sun rise take a piece of Jaggery and go to Chouraha (Where four corners of the road meet-Cross Road). 

Stand facing in the South Direction. Cut the Jaggery with your teeth into two parts. Throw both the pieces of Jaggery on the Chouraha in the south direction only and come back. This should be started from any Tuesday and continue this for 4-5 days. You will definitely get relief. 

Important Point to Keep in Mind

  • During this period (From the point of leaving the house till you come back) you should not talk to any body and no body should call you.
  •  While coming back you must go straight to your house and not anyone else's. 
  •  Apart from this, you should keep it completely confidential from  everyone. 
This is the key to success for all folk remedies. I wish you success.
I have written another post on Migraine as well. Please click on this link to read it. 

माइग्रेन के ऊपर मैंने एक और पोस्ट भी लिखी है जिसे आप इस लिंक पर क्लिक करके पढ़ सकते हैं । 

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  2. Where in the chouraha should a person stand? Centre, south corner?


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