Saturday, June 8, 2019

Reality of Certified Gemstones | Certified Stones ka Sach

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I am giving a YouTube video in this blog post which I made to explain  Reality of Certified Gemstones | Certified Stones ka Sach

This video by Astrologer Gaurav malhotra explains the reality of certified gems. 

Reality 1: The gem labs in most of the cases do not use proper tools to test and certify the gems. They just do a physical inspection and give the certification.

Reality 2: Gem labs often might give false certification if they have good relations with a particular person.

Reality 3: Often jewelers and gem labs have a nexus between them and jeweler might also give false certification for a gem.

Conclusion: Go for either a government, reputed and honest lab certification or simply go to someone who is very trusted and honest.


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