Sunday, June 23, 2019

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid Eating Food During Eclipse | ग्रहण के समय भोजन न करने का क्या कारण है ?

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In this post I am giving the link of my YouTube video. This video explains the top 3 reasons to avoid eating food during a lunar or solar eclipse| ग्रहण के समय भोजन न करने का क्या कारण है ?

First reason: Moon is a watery planet and its effect can be seen on the sea during new moon and full moon. When Moon leaves its effect on such a big water source then when there is a eclipse on it, it will surely leave its effect on your body which is 72 percent water. Due to this effect there are many negative changes in the body due to which food is avoided.

Reason 2: Ultraviolet rays are in abundance during an eclipse. They mix with water and water also becomes harmful. When you eat food which has this contaminated water mixed in it, it may have a negative impact on you.

Reason 3: Absence of sunlight increases kapha in the body which in turn slow down the body metabolism and the digestive power. During eclipse also kapha increases and digestive fire slows donw hence one should either completely avoid food or have very easy to digest food.

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