Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are You Looking for a Genuine Astrologer ? (Kya Aap ek Achhe Jyotishi ki Talaash Mein Hain ?)

If you are thinking by going through the title of the post that it is my advertisement then you are wrong :)
I just wanted to highlight some malpractices going on in the field of astrology and thereby wanted to help you in judging that whether an astrologer is genuine or not.

There was a time when I didn't use to believe in Astrology and the main reason behind it were many dishonest astrologers whom I met. I finally got one honest astrologer and then I myself learnt astrology. After becoming an astrologer, I really wanted to help people by making them aware about the malpractices in this field. That is why I am writing this post today.  

  •  "Bengali Tantrik baba shah bangaali, get results in 24 hours. Results are guaranteed. We have solution to all your problems. We have expertise in Vashikaran, black magic etc." I am sure you must have read millions of ads like this. My sincere advice to you is STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I have read a news lately where a person had killed his own niece because a taantrik told him that his niece was possessed by a ghost.
  • Black magic is a dangerous thing. If you are using it to harm someone, please keep in mind that you will also not be spared. 

  • No astrologer can guarantee positive results of the remedial measures because a lot depends on your own past karmas as well. If there is still some karma bhog left then either the upay will not work or it will take some time to take effect. If an astrologer is guaranteeing you that his/her remedies will give 100 % results, please stay away from them.

  • One of the biggest scams in the field of astrology is gemstones. 99 % astrologers will straight away suggest gemstones to you and they will also force you to buy the gemstones from them because their gemstones contain "special powers". Gemstones are definitely a great remedial measure in jyotish but not the only remedial measure. There are many other cheap remedial measures but most of the astrologers don't suggest them because then they can not make much profit. Apart from this, gemstone can be bought from anywhere and it can be empowered using a very small and easy procedure and can then be worn. So, if an astrologer is forcing you to buy gemstones from him, please stay away from him.

  • Always ask about the qualification of astrologer as well some references of the people who have been to the astrologer.

  • I have seen another trend now a days astrologers emotionally blackmail their clients. They show them the fear of some aspect of their life and force them to do pooja or wear gemstones and charge fat fees for these. A good and genuine astrologer should never disclose to the client even if there is something very bad in the horoscope. He should disclose it in a diplomatic way such that the client does not get scared. He should only advise the remedies which are necessary. Suggesting remedies which are very costly and not required, is not good.

  • As per Jyotish ethics an astrologer should have good habits. He should not be involved in any of the evil acts as well as bad habits like drinking and smoking. There are many so called "Great" astrologers now a days on whom many court cases are pending. Please stay away from such astrologers as well. 
I hope the above mentioned points will be helpful for all the readers and you will be able to find a good and genuine astrologer.If you like this post, please share this post with your friends and family so that they are also benefited with it.

अगर ये पोस्ट आपको अच्छी लगी है तो कृपया इसे अपने मित्र सम्बन्धियों के साथ शेअर करें ताकि वो भी इसका लाभ उठा सकें ।
Gaurav Malhotra

About the Author:

Gaurav Malhotra is a B Tech in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT, Kurukshetra) and a passionate follower of Astrology. He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills. You can contact him on his email You can also read more about him on his page.


  1. Dear Gauravji,

    You are very much right. Astrologers have made this a very big business because today's lifestyle is so stressful that people go to these astrologers and follow them and then go to some other & then some other because they don't get any relief.

    As you wrote that a good astrologer must not tell something bad to a client but don't you think its better to prepare them indirectly .

    I have personally not visited much astrologers but know that most of them differ.So I myself have started learning basics of astrology from internet.

    Your posts are commendable.


    Sheetal Nagi

    1. Dear Sheetal Ji

      Thanks for your kind words. Your encouragement means a lot to me.
      As far as telling somethign bad to the client is concerned, my point was it should be told but should not be told in scary manner. For example astrologer sees a divorce in a horoscope, instead of telling that 'there is a divorce in your horoscope and your marriage will not be successful', he can say that 'the period between so and so months may not be very fruitful for your marital life but you don't need to worry about I will give you some remedies and tips which may help you.'


  2. Dear sir
    My story is same just like u , i would like to learn astrology through on line . please guide me.
    thank u ashish mishra 9687633207

    1. Dear Ashish Ji

      Please contact me on my email id


  3. Ketan Vegad - CanadaSeptember 4, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    Good article Gaurav!!

  4. Excellent!!. All the points are correct. I have visited many astrologers and they will just force you to buy expensive gemstones or some of them will scare and tell you negative things in such a way as if they are your enemies. Recently I have been to such a "Well known" astrologer. He was mostly interested in selling gemstones. He told me some solution which I forgot to note down. When I revisited him and asked for the solution, he said-"whats the use of doing the solution, if you are not wearing the gemstone. I never visited him again.

  5. Rahulji, I fully agree with you. Nowadays most of the astrologers giving wrong info to make money.

  6. Gaurav ji, u r not like others you r genuine and help people using u r blog, u r stealing more and more hearts in this pursuit. U r the TAJ's TAJ, please continue this noble work, let Sri Hari, Vayu & Guru give u all the strength, knowledge, resources & overall prosperity

    1. Ravindra Ji

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.

  7. Dhayewaad guru ji aapki di hui knowledge hamesha sabke kaam aati h aasha karte h ki aap sada hume gyan ki batein sikhate rahe aur sabka aacha karte rahe...jai mata di

  8. How to check a real gem from cheaper gemstones?

    1. Ankur Ji

      This is a big topic. I will write some posts on it on my blog.

  9. excellent job aap ye blog post karte rahain. isse bhule bhatke nirash logon ko kafee madad milegee. saath hee hamara dharm, indirectly jyotish vigyan kee saktee aur rahashya srishtee ke samne ujagar hogaa. kyonkee aj bhee hindu dharm logon kee samajh se pare hain. aankh mundkar dharm ke chakkar main fasne walon ke liye bhee ye ek sabak hai aur sawdhanee bhee. hamain hamare dharm kee takat ko samajhna jarooree hai. aapko maree taraf se badhaiyan aur kotee kotee dhanyawad aur kotee kotee pranam . aap saada apne karya main mirantar agrasar hote rahein.

  10. Superb And I am very Happy to know that u are working on true astrology i am also astrologer ...and very happy to see you and know about that u are doing good work....excellent work

  11. Hi gaurav ji
    I tried to email u but was not successful .i am getting an error again and is very important for me to contact u.i need help please.


  12. Sir, i have send to you my problem by mail, but i didn't received any reply from your side. i know that you have many followers due to you good work and you have to care everyone. I request to you that when you will find time then please reply my mail, i explain my problem and you will be give me a solution..........Thanxxx and also hatttsssss of you for your work.............Please reply as soon as possible its very urgent

  13. Hello sir
    Can you suggest a genuine astrologer in MUMBAI?

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