Friday, June 8, 2012

Hessonite and Contradictory Stones(Kaunse Ratna Gomeda ke Sath Nahi Pahanane Chahiye)

In my last few posts I have discussed the gemstones which should not be worn with Pearl, Ruby and RedCoral, Emerald, Yellow sapphire and Diamond and Blue Sapphire. In this post I will discuss the gemstones which should not be worn together with Hessonite (Gomed).

In Astrology, Rahu rules over Hessonite. The enemies of Rahu are the Sun and the Moon. The stones of Sun and Moon are Ruby and Pearl. So if someone is wearing Hessonite, he should not wear Ruby and Pearl because their lords are enemies of Rahu.

If the gemstones of enemy planets are worn, they might do harm rather than giving benefit just like if two medicines, which react with each other, are taken together, may harm the person.

Gemstones that should NOT be worn with Hessonite
Hessonite (Gomed)
Ruby and Pearl

Gemstone is a specialized area and great care should be taken and an expert astrologer should be consulted before wearing a gemstone else it may even harm you. 
Please also refer the quick reference gemstone guide on my blog.

रत्न जो गोमेद के साथ नहीं पहने जाने चाहिए
माणिक और  मोती 


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  1. mujhe ye btaaye k mujhe kisi pandit ne pehle neelam or moti pehnaya tha..lekin ab kisi ne kha hai k aap par shani,rahu or ketu ki dasha hai to mai kya pehnu or sath me manglik dosh bhe hai..mai kya pehnu


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