Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mantra for Diabetes (Madhumeh Mantra)

Diabetes does not have any cure. The patient is always dependent on insulin injection and other medicines to control the sugar level. I am going to write a mantra for diabetes in this post which if spoken regularly and properly gives great results and helps control the sugar levels.

Many people are skeptical about the efficiency of mantras. The efficiency of mantras have been proved by the scientists as well. So, while reciting the mantra there should not be any doubt on its efficiency. The faith and devotion is the key to the positive results.

Start the mantra on an auspicious day in shukla paksha. Sit on the floor (but not on bare floor) facing east and alone in a room and recite the mantra for 108 times daily with full concentration and devotion. 

Here is the Mantra:

Om Hreem Ghrini Aaditya Om Namaha
ॐ ह्रीं घृणी आदित्य ॐ नमः 



  1. Nice Dear, Can I do jaap for my blood relations.

  2. Nice share, indeed diabetes still has no cure but it treated or insulin can help. I guess it is not bad to try mantra.

  3. should it be started only in shukla paksha??
    I dont know much abt this.

  4. is it going to control or cure Diadetes

  5. I agree this treatment

  6. Hello sir
    Sir i have to ask one thing
    Name : Nitin shodwani
    Dob 30 august 1998
    Time 10.50 am
    Meko neelam and panna phene ko bola gya hao by me astrologer that too both in one pendant , so aap meri kundli dekh ke bta sakte hai ki kya yeh mere liye ache hai??

  7. Should I keep water before me while reciting mantra

  8. Thank you I was reciting so long Om hum mudana swaha
    Thank for yours

  9. I am looking for a mantra in support of my daughter with type 1 diabetes. Is tgis appropriate?

    1. Yes this can be recited but other remedies might also be required for which I will have to study her horoscope. Please email me at


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