Saturday, May 26, 2012

Volcano Yoga in 2012 (2012 Mein Jwaalamukhi Yoga)

Jwaalamukhi (Volcano) yoga is considered to be very inauspicious to start a new venture. It is believed that if a boy is born on panchami tithi and bharani nakshatra (which is Jwaalamukhi Yoga) he will not live long. If the native goes in a new house, evil will befall on that house, if the girl gets married, her husband will die soon. So we can see how inauspicious this yoga is.  

Now let us see how it is formed :

Jwaalamukhi yoga is formed when a particular tithi (lunar date) falls on a particular nakshatra  (star). Let see below the combinations of those tithis and nakshatras.

Tithi                            Nakshatra

Pratipada(First)              Mool

Panchami(Fifth)            Bharani

Shashthi(Sixth)             Kritika

Navami(Ninth)               Rohini

Dashmi(Tenth)             Ashlesha

Dates for the formation of Jwalamukhi yoga in 2012

Beginning date Beginning Time End date End Time
2nd April 09:35 2nd April 13:41
5th June 08:24 5th June 13:15
10th August 06:47 10th August 13:42
11th August 09:53 11th August 16:13
5th September 11:53 5th September 24:25
10th October 13:41 11th October 03:10
13th December 17:48 14th December 10:31



  1. How would i know whether i am born in jwalamukhi yoga. My dob is 13th june 1982

    1. You were born on shashthi tithi and shatbhisha nakshatra which doesn't make a volcano yoga. You were not born on a volcano yoga.


  2. hello..i would like to know how to find who is my eastdev.. it will be vry kind of u if u can help me in telling the method..


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