Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Which Planetary Dashas Cause Marriage in Astrology (Vivaah Kaarak Grah Dashayen - Shaadi ke Yog)

Marriage is an important moment in one's life. Let us look at the planets in a horoscope which are capable to give marriage in their Dashas.

  1. The lord of Rashi occupied by the 7th lord
  2. The lord of Navamsha occupied by the 7th lord.
  3.  Venus
  4. The Moon
  5. The lord of sign occupied by 2nd lord
  6. The 10th lord
  7. The 9th lord
  8. The 7th lord
  9. Rahu and Ketu may also cause marriage in their Dashas if they are placed in favorable houses
Marriage may happen during dashas of any of the above planets.

Let us take the example of a horoscope. This person got married at the age of 26-27 years in year 2005 when his Saturn mahadasha was going on. 

Let us look at how Saturn became the planet causing marriage in this horoscope:

1) The lord of Rashi occupied by the 7th lord; Moon in this case
Moon dasha will come very late in native's life. So we can ignore it.

2) The lord of Navamsha occupied by the 7th lord; Mars in this case
Mars dasha will come even later in native's life. So, this can also be ignored 

3) Venus
This dasha will also come quite late in native's life so can be ignored.

4) The Moon
Same as 1)

5) The lord of sign occupied by 2nd lord; Moon in this case 
Same as 1)

6) The 10th lord; Mars in this case
same as 2)

7) The 9th lord; Jupiter in this case 
Native was born in this dasha so this can also be ignored

8) The 7th lord; Saturn in this case

This dasha was running between 1988 to 2007 when native was of marriageable age so this became the Vivaah kaarak (planet causing marriage) planet.



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  9. Sir my 7th lord is shani, in karka lagna kundli, which is my lagna kundli, shani is in 6th house with sun and mercury in my lagna kundli , but in my chalit kundli it's shifting in 5th house with sun and mercury , in my navmansh kundli my 7th house is mercury which is placed with Saturn in 4th house of Gemini sign which is mercurys own sign in Pisces navmansh kundli ...what can be the effect of the Saturn in 6th house ?? When will I get married ? My name is Rashmi , dob : 15/12/1988 , place of birth is Pune , time of birth : 22:10 , pls tell me I needn't to know this

    1. Between Dec 2017 to May 2018 there are good chances of marriage

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