Friday, April 6, 2012

Remedy When Someone is Kidnapped (Kisi ka Apharan ho Jaane Par Karne Vaala Upay)

Kidnapping rate in India and all over he world has been growing leaps and bounds over the years. It is a traumatic experience both for the kidnapped person as well as the family of the kidnapped person. The near and dear ones of the kidnapped person make a lot of efforts to make him/her free but still nothing positive happens.

Is there any remedy at this time which can help ? 

The answer is Yes.

Here is the remedy:

If any of your relative is kidnapped or is under the control of negative persons and you are not able to make him or her free despite your efforts, do the following remedy (totka) – Early in the morning, the moment you get up, stand facing south wards and call 31 times the name of kidnapped person. There will be chances of his or her returning back soon. 

Please not that this is a general remedy and can be done by anyone but if it doesn't work for you it means that you will have to do a horoscope specific remedy.


  1. Sir my son dob I'd 15 march 2004 and he is with his father living in Japan.I don't have any contact with him ,can I do this remedy for my son ,so that he contact, thank u

    1. In this case a different remedy will apply. Please email me at


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