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How to Name the Baby ( Naamkaran Sanskaar)

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These days when a baby is born parents usually do not consult any astrologer and whatever names appeals to them, they go for it and name the baby. I would like to make a point here that NaamKaran Sanskaar has been a very old tradition which was set by our great sages centuries ago.  We as Indian should not shy away from our great customs and traditions when even Westerners have started believing on the power of numbers and alphabets in term of Numerology.

Choosing a baby names is an important Indian tradition. It becomes important to choose a name as per the favorable nakshtras and planets because this will be the name with which the child will be known throughout his/her life and the name will impact the child throughout the life. I would explain below when to name the child and how to choose the starting alphabet.

As per Dr B V Raman the best day for the Naamkaran ceremony is 10th, 12th or 16th day of the child's birth. If this is not possible then any other auspicious day should be chosen.  

Best Nakshtras Best Nakshatras for Naamkaran sansaar are Anuradha, Punarvasu, Magha, Uttara, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadra, Satabhisha, Swati, Dhanishtha, Shravan, Rohini, Ashwini, Mrigshira, Revati, Hasta and Pushya. 

Best Tithis 

Best Tithis for naamkaran sanskar are 4th, 6th , 8th, 9th, 12th and 14th lunar days. Full moon and new moon should be avoided.

Ideal Names Name for a boy should have even no. of letters (when written in hindi excluding half letters and maatras) while for a girl it should consist of odd no. of letters. For example the name of boy is Anmol (अनमोल) which has four letters. Similarly the name of the girl is Savita (सविता) which consists of 3 letters. 

Choosing a Name  

1) Name should be chosen as per the nakshatra and the nakshatra pada. The common question would be how to find out the nakshatra and nakshatra pada. The answer is, use any astrology software and it will tell you. If you don't have any astrology software, go to this site. Enter the birth details and on the next page click on "Basic Details" and you will know your Nakshtra and Nakshatra pada.

2) After you know the Nakshatra and Pada. Refer the following table.

NoNakshatraFirst Letter of Baby's Name for all four charan/ pada
1Aswini (अश्विनी)Chu (चू) , Che (चे), Cho (चो), La (ला)
2Bharani (भरणी)Lee (ली), Lu (लू), Le (ले), Lo (लो)
3Kritika (कृतिका)A (आ), E (ई), U (उ), Ea (ऐ)
4 Rohini (रोहिणी)O (ओ), Va (वा), Vi (वी), Vu (वू)
5Mrigashira (मृगशिरा)We (वे), Wo (वो), Ka (का), Ki (की)
6Aardhra (आर्द्र)Ku (कू), Gha (घ), Ing (ङ), Jha (झ)
7Punarvasu (पुनर्वसु)Ke (के), Ko (को), Ha (हा), Hi (ही)
8Pushyami (पुष्य )Hu (हू), He (हे), Ho (हो), Da (डा)
9 Ashlesha (अश्लेशा )De (डी), Du (डू), De (डे), Do (डो)
10Magha/Makha (मघा )Ma (मा), Me (मी), Mu (मू), Me (मे)
11Poorva  Phalguni (पूर्व  फाल्गुनी)Mo (मो), Ta (टा), Ti (टी), Tu (टू)
12Uttaraphalguni (उत्तरा  फाल्गुनी)Te (टे), To (टो), Pa (पा), Pe (पी)
13Hasta (हस्त )Pu (पू), Sha (ष), Na (ण), Teha (ठ)
14Chitra (चित्रा )Pe (पे), Po (पो), Ra (रा), Re (री)
15 Swaati (स्वाति )Ru (रू), Re (रे), Ro (रो), Taa (ता)
16Vishaakha (विशाखा )Tee (ती), Tue (तू), Teaa (ते), Too (तो)
17Anuraadha (अनुराधा )Na (ना), Ne (नी), Nu (नू), Ne (ने)
18Jyeshtha (ज्येष्ठ )No (नो), Ya (या) Yi (यी), Uu (यू)
19 Moola (मूल )Ye (ये), Yo (यो), Ba (भा), Be (भी)
20 Poorvashaada (पूर्वाषाढ़ा )Bu (भू), Dha (धा), Ea (फा) Eaa (ढा)
21 Uttarashaada (उत्तराषाढ़ा )Be (भे), Bo (भो), Ja (जा), Ji (जी)
22 Shravan (श्रवण )Ju (खी), Je (खू), Jo (खे), Sha (खो)
23 Dhanishta (धनिष्ठा )Ga (गा), Gi (गी), Gu (गू), Ge (गे)
24Shatabhisha (शतभिषा )Go (गो), Sa (सा), Si (सी), Su (सू)
25 Poorvabhadra (पूर्वभाद्र )Se (से), So (सो), Da (दा), Di (दी)
26 Uttarabhadra (उत्तरभाद्र )Du (दू), Tha (थ), Jha (झ), Jna (ञ)
27 Revati (रेवती )De (दे), Do (दो), Cha (चा), Chi (ची)

For example, if the nakshtra is Bharani and the pada is 2. Go to  the row where Bharani is written and choose the 2nd letter from the next column in front of Bharani as the pada is 2. So the letter should be Lu (लू).
This is how the starting letter of the baby should be chosen. 

Bal Raksha Yantra should be worn by the child as it saves the child from all troubles and evil eye. Click this link to read more about this yantra. 

छोटे बच्चे को बाल रक्षा यन्त्र ज़रूर पहनाना चाहिए इससे बच्चे बुरी नज़र से और बाकी मुश्किलों से बचे रहते हैं । आप इस लिंक पर क्लिक करके बाल रक्षा यन्त्र के बारे में और जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं ।
बाल रक्षा यन्त्र


  1. Dear Gaurav Sir ,

    Pls advise from the below suggested names which will be lucky for him as per date of birth

    Baby boy born on 09.10.2014 @ 1649 hrs in chennai

    Raahil , Rahil , Raheel

    Last option Aahil


  2. Plz suggests the name of new born baby boy. Born on 13 march 2015 evening 5:15.

  3. hi sir, I want to name my newely born baby boy on 21022015,in between 05:48 to 05:50pm,in Bangalore. pls suggest some names

  4. Dear sir,
    I blessed with a baby boy on 17 - 04 - 2015 at 12 : 11am, ( ie. ,00 : 11hrs ) place at moinabad, hyderabad, telangana.
    Can you please suggest me the word for his name.

  5. We are blessed with a baby girl on 23rd April 2015 at 12.03 pm. We are thinking to name her as "Kethana Rianshi" please suggest us whether it's suit her.

    Thank you very much for ur assistance.

  6. Hi sir on 1 Jun 2015 blessed with baby boy to me at 18:15 . Please suggest me name

  7. Hello Sir, how are you. I have a baby boy born on 23rd January 2015, we have name him Shrihan, can you please tell me if the name is good for him, for his future. Thank you very much.

  8. Dear Sir,
    We are blessed with a baby boy on 29th June 2015 at 01.21AM at Tadepalligudem in Andhra Pradesh. Please suggest good name for the boy.
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Gaurav Sir,

    Recently we have blessed with Baby boy DOB: 03-07-2015 time: 4:55 am at Patna (Bihar). Some astrologer are saying keep name starting with alphabet B such as Bhubnesh or BholaShanker.
    But I want to his name starting with alphabet 'S'.

    Please suggest me according to his best suited nakshatra and so on. Which starting alphabet I need to select for choosing name for my son?

    Thanks & Regards

  10. are there names for 'vo'? please suggest some

  11. Sir mybaby boy born on 17-08-15/ 8.11 PM , i name him Pavit , it is ok ? I also want bal rakshayantra

    1. You haven't mentioned place of birth. Please send me an email at

  12. My baby boy has born on 26th april 2012. I named him as saish. Is it ok or should i change his name. He was born in kurnool.Telangana state.

  13. Nisha katiyar November 17, 2015
    Dear Sir,
    We are blessed with baby girl on
    Date- 8 August 2015
    Time- 2:50pm
    PLACE- Bangalore Karnataka

    As per astrology, I select Aishaanya name of my baby. I want to know that this name is good for her life. One more doubt, can I continue this Rashi name. Because mostly people don't want to prefer Rashi name. Plz sir suggest me. Awaiting your reply.

  14. hello sir
    my daughter dob is 9-9-12 and time is 5.47 pm and i given name krishika kaushtubhee and nick name is sezal is good for her
    my son dob is 19-06-2015 and time is 07.00am plz suggest abt his name
    with thanks

    1. Daughter's name should start with "की" or "कि"

      Son's name should start with "हू"

  15. hello sir
    we are bleseed a baby child girl on 20/01/2016, time 11:45p.m place begusarai bihar ...plz suggest me some name

  16. hi , i have blessed with baby girl. Date 22 March 2016, Time 09:40AM, place :Amritsar,Punjab.Plz suggest name for her.Thanks.

  17. hi Sir,
    We are blessed with baby girl on 03/01/2015, time 05:15am place -Jamkhed, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra.
    Time-Afternoon at 01.13 PM

    As I have Seen His Rashi is - Kanya and Nakshatra id UTTARA PHALGUNI
    We have Kept his Name as per RASHi Name -- PARTH.

    Is this one is correct Name as per RASHi ???

    1. His rashi is vrishabh and nakshatra is Rohini. His strating alphabet is वू

  18. With ALL do respect, I know nothing about Hindi, so can response be completely English?
    I just ran into a website who hinted towards what this page is referring to.

  19. Dear Gaurav Ji, my son was born on 15/10/02,7.28am,Mohali. He has been facing mental health problems for a long time....we named him Pushkar for official purposes and Kanha at home.....can you kindly look into his chart and tell us about his future career prospects and if we need to change his name to bring about a change in him. Would be very obliged for your help. Thanks

  20. Dear Malhotra Ji,

    With god grace, we are blessed with a baby girl on 21 May 2017, 4:10 PM.
    Birthplace- Noida Uttar Pradesh.

    Please suggest starting letter of her name.

    1. Congratulations !!
      Name should start with " दू "

  21. Dear Sir,

    We are blessed with baby boy on 11/05/2017, time 08:05pm place moradabad u.p.

    after reading ur column ,I m little worried about his name.....could u plz help me to know the lucky alphabets for his name.
    Best Regards

  22. Hello sir, my son is born on 21 st may, 2017, his nakshatra is uttara bhadrapad, paad 1, his rashi letter is du

    Kindly suggest any suitable name for him


  23. Please suggest baby name or alphabets for baby boy.. Details..16 Dec 2016.Can we have his home name by D alpha.. Dev. Thanks.

    1. Please share his place of birth and time of birth as well.

  24. Hi Sir my daughter was born in DEC 08 16 7:45am we decide the name is duhita is it good for her pls tell me whether is this wrong suggest me some good name thank you sir

  25. My daughter is born on 4th July 2017 at 1.44 am pithampur Madhya Pradesh. I wanted to name her ... Please help me to get her first alphabet of her name

    1. Name should start with (ता)

      Please see this link as well

  26. Hi Sir
    Dear Sir,
    We are blessed with baby girl on 30/03/2016, time 05:15am place New Delhi
    Plz suggest some name
    Pls sir

    1. The name should start with (यी)
      If you don't any name with that alphabet then you can use these as well (नो),(या), यू)

  27. My son date of birth is 2016-05-27 5:54pm. As per my understanding my sun birth star is sravana and 3rd padha. I am confusing with starting letters some one told like start with "khe" and some one told like "jo". Please help me. Thank and regards.

  28. Hi sir,my baby girl is born January 11th 2018 time 7:38 place Warangal plz suggest name first latter

  29. Dear Sir,

    We are blessed with baby Boy on 11/02/2018, time 06:58am place connaught place, Delhi.
    Plz suggest some name
    Pls sir

  30. Hi, I am confused on deciding the name of my Daughter.
    DOB - 19/01/2018
    Time of Birth - 11-33 PM
    Place of birth - chennai

    Suggested Names

    Please advise which name would be good in both numerological and astrological terms.

  31. We have been blessed with baby girl on 24/07/2018. Place : Pattukkotai. Time: 7.06pm. the shortised names are S.Yogita Panimugil ; S. YOMITHA PANIMUGIL ; S. YOSHITHA PANIMUGIL ; S. YOGNAVI PANIMUGIL ; S.YOSHINI PANIMUGIL. KINDLY suggest me which among the above mentioned name is best as per numerology calculation for my kid. Pls help me out. Thanks in advance.

  32. Please suggest baby girl name born on 2nd oct 2018,8.20 am

  33. Plz suggest according his date of birth for his marige he don't know his birth name plz renamkaran for him his dob only we have 21july 1996 sunday

  34. Plz suggest according his date of birth for his marige he don't know his birth name plz renamkaran for him his dob only we have 21july 1996 sunday

  35. Hi, I am confused on deciding the name of my daughter
    DOB - 29/11/2018
    Time of Birth - 10-12 AM
    Place of birth - JHARKHAND
    Last Name- Prasad

    Please advise which name would be good in both numerological and astrological terms.

  36. Ma paapa date of birth August 15th 11.30pm.daya chesi em Peru pettalo cheppagalaru.

  37. Janma miti 2018 Dec 15
    Time 11:23:34pm Saturday

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    It was definitely informative. Your website is very useful.
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  40. My baby boy was born on 25 September 2018 time 4.20 pm please suggest me his letter according to astrology janam kundali sir

  41. Dear sir
    I have a bby girl n she was born on 7th January 2019 , in Fiji island at lautoka hospital
    Can I know what is the first letter if her name

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  61. My cousin is a baby boy born on 25/may/2019 in Mumbai at 7:34 am please suggest the perfect letter for naamkaran.

  62. My cousin is a baby boy born on 25/may/2019 in Mumbai at 7:34 am please suggest the perfect letter for naamkaran.

  63. My cousin is a baby boy born on 25/may/2019 in Mumbai at 7:34 am please suggest the perfect letter for naamkaran.

  64. Hi. My twin children were born at 5:40 pm on Feb 15,2019. Some say it should be ka ,ki according to Nakshatra .some say it should be sa according to lagna. Which one should v follow?pls suggest.

  65. Dear sir,
    My son was born on June 5th 2019 at mng 6.48 Am. So pandit told me he comes under arudra 2 va padam, and the naming letter is gha.. I want to name him as ARJUN SHANMUKHA.. CAN I DO THAT, AND HE IS HAVING SOME HEALTH ISSUES ALSO.. PLEASE GIVE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR HIS HEALTH ALSO.

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  68. Hello sir,My daughter's birth date is 26-5-2019 Time-10-16 am,Dhanishta 4,I don't find good name starts from Ge, please suggest any other letter. Birth place Bangalore,Thanks,Mohan

  69. July 14,1993 at 9:27pm

  70. Hi gaurav sir,my baby is born on 24-05-2014.But according to his nakshatra & pada letters de,da came but there are no such good names for these Letters please suggest me.

  71. Hello sir
    28-4-2020 ko 06:05 AM ko janme bache ka naam kya hoga

  72. Hello sir i am sensing details of my new born baby boy kindly suggest some attractive and best name for my baby boy details are 05/05/2020 1:40 pm

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