Monday, February 27, 2012

Mars and Profession ( Mangal aur Vyavasaaye)

Mars rules over brothers, courage, police department, theft, burglary, sin, crime, injury, etc. It indicates fires, firemen, warriors, military operations, blood, gold, copper, surgeons, gages, dentists, fire places, engineers, butchers, engines, iron and steel, chemists, dentists, druggists etc
People dealing in iron and steel or working in the kitchen are also ruled by Mars.

Mars is a fiery planet. When it is connected with other fiery planets or in fiery signs, the person concerned may be engaged in professions connected with fire. The electrical work, jobs in bakeries and factories are also governed by Mars. It can give income through landed property, houses and buildings.

Mars denotes courage and is connected with stripes and violence. So it denotes police and military..One may be an officer in police or military departments.

If the evil effect of Mars falls on mind, Lagna, fourth house or their lords and there is severe affliction, and Mars is connected with the house of profession too, one earns through theft and robbery.

If Mars is not afflicted and if it gets aspects from benefics, it makes one confident, heroic, strong and courageous. It gives organizing ability. But if Mars is afflicted, one will be rash and quarrelsome. He may become aggressive and violent.


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