Monday, February 11, 2013

Mantra for Panic Attack and Nervousness (Dar Aur Ghabraahat ke Liye Mantra)

If you think you are weak-hearted, get scared on small things or get bad dreams, then this remedy is for you.

Mars in Astrology rules strength, boldness, bravery, warriors etc. When there is a strong malefic effect on Mars and Mars is weak then the person may be feel the negative things explained above. Moon also need to be weak to make the above true. 

Lord Hanuman rules over Mars and he needs to be worshiped in order to strengthen Mars. So, the following Hanuman mantra needs to be recited at least 108 times daily after taking bath.

Om Aim Hreem Hanumate Ramdutaaye Namaha

It should be recited in front of an idol or picture of Lord Hanuman. 

अगर आपको लगता है की आप कमज़ोर दिल हैं, बहुत जल्दी डर या घबरा जाते हैं और आपको बुरे सपने भी आते हैं तो यह उपाय आपके लिए है ।

ज्योतिष में मंगल को साहस, ताकत, लड़ने की क्षमता, निडरता आदि का कारक माना जाता है। जब मंगल पर बहुत बुरा प्रभाव हो या मंगल कुंडली में बहुत कमज़ोर हो तो जातक डरपोक होता है । 

हनुमान मंगल के इष्ट देव हैं और अगर उनकी उपासना की जाए तो मंगल मज़बूत होता है । नीचे दिए हुआ हनुमान मंत्र रोज़ नहाने के बाद कम से कम 108 बार बोलना चाहिए ।

ॐ एम ह्रीम हनुमते रामदूताए नमः ।

मंत्र का जप करते हुए सामने हनुमान जी की प्रतिमा या चित्र रख लें । इसके अलावा हनुमान चालीसा का पाठ भी बहुत लाभदायक रहता है ।

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  1. hi Gaurav,

    I want to know my carrier life and marriage ...
    I am struggling for good job change as par my carrier.
    according to carrier and Luck which gemstone is preferable for me.

    MY DOB- 21-feb-1981,
    TIME- 1:54 AM,


  2. jai mata di

    mera bolta naam aakash hai aur kundali ka naam khubchandn hai aur nick name sunnny hai

    pandit ji meri kundali ke anusaar main neelam dharan kar sakta hu kya




  3. Namaste Gaurav ji...

    My Birth date 09-10-1975
    Birth place - Vadodara
    Time - 23-20 Hrs

    I am not getting work despite working hard, sincerely and doing everything in astrology and chanted all kind of mantras in last 15 years for various planets like Guru, Saturn, Budh, Shukra, Shani and even Rahu and kal sarpa dosh...and ill effects. I have been praying Hanuman, Prayed to Mahadev, Ganesha, Goddess Durga as well. My academics have been from worst to the best ( ie. I have failed 2-3 times, and topped 2-3 times as well. two extremes I mean).

    However, My marriage did not work at all. I am facing a lot of problems. Money does not flow in. My friends and relatives are worthless. No one helps me but instead defame me and insult me. Please, tell me what according to you I should do now? What gemstone and mantra should I chant to remove obstacles of. I am in Media. Is this the right field for me? Is business good for me or service? Help me - SOS. regards

    1. Please send me an email at

  4. Hello Sir,
    My name is Devika Srivastava
    DOB- 12 March
    Birth Timing - 11:30 am
    Birth Place- Allahabad

    I want to know about my career and marriage.

  5. sir my dob is 5-9-1980 tob 11:30 nizamabad (andhra pradesh)
    i have lots of financial problems and wife is not good with me
    we dont have very good relationship pla help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Please send me an email at

  6. can ladies recite this i read in Lal Kitab that ladies should not worship Hanumanji???

    1. Ladies can definitely recite the mantra...God doesn't see the gender, He only sees the dedication and faith.

  7. Hello, sir
    Mein ek ladke ko 4 saal se like krti hu , mein usse shaddi krna chahti hu pls kuch upay btaiye


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