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Murder of Daughter by Her Mother-Horoscope Analysis ( Maan ke Hathon Beti ki Hatya - Kundli Vishleshan)


As I was browsing on the web I came across an unfortunate and at the same time a sensational Horoscope. The Horoscope is of an unfortunate American man. His manic-depressive wife shot and killed their 16-year-old daughter in Feb 1990. Let us look at the Horoscope and see what caused this family trauma. Before starting the analysis of the Kundli, I would like to let you know that I will touch upon Saptamsha during my analysis. Saptamsha is a divisional chat and if anything related to children is to be seen 5th house in the Rashi chart along with the Saptamsha is analysed. Saptamsha is also called D-7.
Kundli Analysis: Below is the Kundli of Philip Biancardi.

Married Life: Karaka of marital happiness Venus is with his enemy Sun in a malefic house. Venus is with Sun and Malefic Mercury. It is aspected by another malefic Ketu. Let us look at the 7th house and Saptamesh. 7th house has direct aspect of the Mars which is considered to be most malefic and most damaging for the marital happiness. 7th house is being aspected by another malefic Ketu. Saptamesh is in 12th house, the house of losses which would in this mean loss of marital happiness. Even in Navamsa Venus the karaka of marital happiness is in 12th, a dusthana. Saptamesh is also in dusthana. All these combinations show that there was no or only initial marital happiness.

Children and the Traumatic Event: Let us now look at the traumatic event that took place with Philip's daughter. She was her first daughter and first child is seen in Rashi chart from the 5th house and Jupiter is the karaka of children. We will also look at the Saptamsha chart which represents children.

5th House has the malefic aspects of Mercury and Venus and the natural malefic Sun so it has become very weak. It is being aspected by another malefic Rahu. So 5th house is very weak. Let us look at Jupiter the karaka. Jupiter is in mother's house and being aspected by Mars, the karaka of blood and violence. Moon, the karaka of mother is in Aries the sign of Mars which is the karaka of blood and violence and conjunct with Rahu and being aspected by Shani which is the lord of house of enemy (6th) and the 7th which is a maraka house. Rashi chart gives a lot of indications of the unfortunate incident.

Let us look at Saptamsha chart:

In the Saptamsha chart, the house of children (5th) is occupied by lord of enemy's house Moon. Lord of mother's house is in 6th, the house of enemy and is conjunct with Mercury, the lord of children's house and Shani, the lord of house of losses. It clearly indicates what happened on the unfortunate night.

The incident happened in Mars mahadasha with Mercury antar.

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