Saturday, March 10, 2012

Imprisonment Yoga (Jail Jaane ka Yog)

In Vedic Astrology there are thousands of Yogas. Yog is nothing but a combination of planets which can predict a particular thing in horoscope. I have already touched upon few of the combinations or yogas in my previous posts. I am going to write about another yoga in astrology which is called "Bandhana Yoga" Bandhana is a Sanskrit word which means imprisonment in English.

Definition: If the lord of lagna (first house) and lord of 6th house (a bad house) join a kendra (1,4,7 and 10th houses) or trikon (1,5 and 9th houses) with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, the above yoga will be formed.

Result: The native will be imprisoned.

Horoscope Analysis: Let us see this yoga in action in John Ehrlichman's horoscope who was an American attorney and advisor to President Nixon. He was disgraced and imprisoned for the watergate scandal. Before applying the yoga to his horoscope, I would like to let the readers know that yoga should not be applied as is to the horoscopes. There are many other factors like planet strength, divisional charts etc. which should be seen before coming to a conclusion.

Let us apply the yoga now. Lord of the Lagna is Mars and lord of 6th house is also Mars. It is sitting in Kendra in 7th house.  Let us see if it is conjunct with or aspected by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn. Saturn is in 12th House (House of imprisonment) and it is neither conjunct nor aspecting the mars.

Ketu is aspecting Mars with it's fifth drishti and it is also sitting with Moon which is the lord of 9th house, the house of destiny so even destiny did not help him.

Along with Lagna, Mars is also the lord of 6th house which is the house of enemies which helped in the process of imprisonment.  If we look at the dasha, John was imprisoned during dashas of Saturn-Moon and Saturn-Mars. See how amazing it is !!

So we can see how Bandhana yog in John's horoscope led to his imprisonment.



  1. If ASC is of Taurus and 6th house of Libra Rashi and They both are in 7th house with Saturn... Does that means Imprisonment... However Mars Lord of 7th house is in 5th house with Ketu ....

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  3. What is the remedy of bandhan yoga


  4. Is there any way by which we humans can cause a particular combination to happen ? Or cause to avoid a formed combination ?

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