Monday, March 12, 2012

Ear Diseases and Astrology (Kaan Kee Beemariyan)


Dear Readers,

As I was reading an Astrology book some time back I saw few yogas for ear problems. So, I thought to write a post on this. I hope you will like it.
In the horoscope,

  • 3rd house represents right ear and 11th house represents left ear. Any affliction to these houses and their lords will give ear problems to the native.
  • Among Rashis (Signs), Gemini represents right ear and Aquarius represents left ear.
  • Among Constellations (Nakshtra) Punarvasu, Mrigshira and Pushya represent ears.Malefic effect to these nakshatra may give ear problems.
  • Jupiter, though, by nature is a benefic planet but if in a horoscope it becomes Lord of 6th house or Lord of 8th house, it may give ear problems to the native. 
  • Mercury, the planet of communication, speech and hearing, can also give ear problems if afflicted
Let us look at Emmanuelle Laborit's horoscope and see if any of the above mentioned principles apply in this horoscope. Emmanuelle is a French Actress and president of International Visual Theater. She is deaf from birth

Horoscope Analysis

Let us first look at 3rd and 11th houses of ears in her horoscope. 3rd house which represents right ear is under heavy malefic influence with debilitated Lagnesh Sun and Marak Mercury in it. Mercury is under malefic influence and combust too. If we look at 11th house, it is hemmed between malefics (paapkartari yoga) so its very weak. It's lord isn't helping either being in 3rd house with malefics. 

Jupiter is the lord of 8th in this horoscope and as per the principles mentioned above, contributing to the deafness of the native. It is also being aspected by malefic Saturn, the lord of house of diseases.

The rashis representing ears are also under heavy malefic influence. She was born in a dasha which was very unfavorable for her ears so she was born deaf. She was born in Moon-Mercury dasha. 

All these factors collectively contributed to the deafness of the native.

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