Sunday, March 11, 2012

What to do if your Son is in Danger (Agar Aapka Putra Khatre Mein ho to Kya Karein)

I am writing this post to let the readers know about a remedy which is mentioned in Lal Kitab. Sometimes it happens that the native sees a danger coming on his/her child.

What should he do in this case ?
Does Lal Kitab suggests any remedy for this ?
The answer to the second questions is "Yes" and the answer to the first question will be answered now.

Ketu in Lal Kitab is the karaka of the son. So when Ketu is not in a good position, evils will befall on the son. To address this situation, remedy of Ketu must be done. The remedy is given below:

  • Feed a black dog with a loaf of bread (roti) for 43 days regularly. OR
  • Feed a black cow with a roti for 43 days regularly.
Note: Please note one of the two remedies is sufficient. Best time to do the remedy is between morning 6 to 7.  If you miss to feed on a day, start it again. 

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