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Analysis of Paul Gauguin's Horoscope (Paul Gauguin ki Kundli ka Vishleshan)

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In this post I am going to analyze the  horoscope of Paul Gauguin who was French artist, painter, sculptor and ceramist and was considered one of the best Post-Impressionist painters to come out of France. He went to Tahiti thinking that lush primitive environment would open more channels of creativity that would foster his ultimate artistic freedom.

He was involved with many different women and there was a time when he used to copulate with a different woman every night. This extreme lust took toll on him and he was diagnosed with Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. In 1903 he committed suicide. Let us now see in his Horoscope what were the factors that made him a sex addict. Also what were the factors that made him commit suicide.

In one of my posts on Drugs, I mentioned that Venus rules on Sex and any influence of Rahu or Ketu on it breaks the social barriers and makes the person an addict. Addiction can be in Sex, Drugs or alcohol as Venus rules on all of them.
Let us see at his Horoscope now.Venus rules 10th House and also placed in it that means the profession would be related to Venus. He was a painter, sculptor and ceramist, all Venusian professions.

Rahu is aspecting Venus and Saturn aspecting the Venus making the native a sex addict as Saturn rules the house of passion and sex, the 7th house. 7th house is the house of sexual organs and 6th house is the house of diseases. Saturn ruler of both houses placed in 8th house with Ketu gave him Syphilis disease.

Let us now look at the factors behind his suicide. 4th house has an important role to play in suicide. 4th house is sukhsthan i.e. the house of happiness so the house and its lord severely afflicted resulting in sorrow and depression may result in a suicide. In this horoscope, lord of 4th house Mars is debilitated and placed in 12th house which had contributed both to his sexual addiction as well as his suicide.

The 5th house is the house of Chitta (inner self) and this shows how much harmony do we have within our self. If this is afflicted then the person can become insane. In this horoscope the lord of 5th house is placed in a malefic house with 8th house lord resulting in getting severely afflicted. Marak Saturn is aspecting the 5th house. Even in Navamsa the 5th house is severely afflicted as Mars is placed in 5th house and Saturn is aspecting it.

Saturn the karaka of alcohol placed in 8th house and rahu the karaka of poison aspecting it indicates cause of his death.

Hence we can see how the afflictions  in his horoscope led to the sad end of his life.

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