Saturday, April 21, 2012

What to Do While Entering New House-House Warming (Griha Pravesh Par Kya Karein)

Let us look at some important points related to Griha Pravesh (House Warming) in this post.

After the house is fully constructed, the first entry in the house (for living)  during a carefully chosen auspicious time is called Griha Pravesh.  

As per Vaastu a house in considered complete only when roof and doors are installed, so Griha Pravesh should be done only after it. In Ancient scriptures, muhurtas related to home have been defined for 4 stages

1) Laying foundation stone
2) Digging well
3) Fixing the door frames
4) and finally entry into the new house (Griha Pravesh)

Second point is outdated in this age. First and last points are very important astrologically. The happiness and prosperity of a house depends on the auspicious time at which the foundation of the house was laid and the Griha Pravesh was done. Auspicious time and Pooja is done mostly to ward off the evil effects present at that area. The pooja which is done at an auspicious time in favorable nakshatras at the time of laying of foundation is known as Bhoomi Poojan. The pooja which is done at the time of Griha Pravesh is known as Vaastu Pooja.

  • Always arrange the ganpati and vaastu pooja at the time of Griha Pravesh.
  • While entering the house for the first time for Griha Pravesh (House Warming), keep your right leg inside the house first.  
  • Put one kalash (pot) filled with water or milk inside the house on the day of Griha Pravesh and donate that pot to a poor man or in the temple the next day. 
  • The day Griha Pravesh is done, the inhabitants of the home should sleep in the home that night. 
  • Milk must be boiled in the house on the day of Griha Pravesh. 
  • House should not be left completely vacant for the next 40 days and at least one member of the house should be there in the house.
There are many other things to be taken care of but those can be handled by the Pundit you will bring to get the ceremony done. 

Gaurav Malhotra

About the Author:

Gaurav Malhotra is a B Tech in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Engineering (NIT, Kurukshetra) and a passionate follower of Astrology. He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills. You can contact him on his email You can also read more about him on his page.


  1. Dear Sir,
    We are planning to move our New flat in Pune by first or second week of April 2015. Is 15 April muhurat date of grahpravesh. Kindly suggest any date other than 15 April. My DOB is 26 Jul 1968.

    1. Do it either on 21st April or on 26th April.

      21st is Akshay tritiya and 26th is Ravi Pushya yoga.

  2. Pranam!
    We are planning to shift in a newly constructed flat on rent. The owner had performed Puja earlier. Which date should we shift and on which date should perform Puja?

    1. Perform pooja on the day of shifting. Good day is either on 13th April or on 21st April.

  3. Can I shift my clothes and goods before grahpravesh to my new house and I want good date between 10/4/15 to 18/4/15.. Thx a lot

    1. Yes you can. 13th April between 9:12am and 10:46am.

  4. Greetings!
    I have brought a house in Atlanta, GA-USA. The closing(registration) is on April-17th 2015(as of now) and we are looking for a good Grih Pravesh Muhurat after Apr-17th or April-24 for entering to this new house. Can you please advise us with auspicious date/time to do a Griha Pravesh?
    My wife's details
    D.O.B Date: 28-Jun-1980
    D.O.B Time: 10:05:00 PM (Evening)

  5. Hi Gaur available I live in Melbourne Australia. I m planning to.move to rented house between 19 to 23rd April's. Could u pls inform good day time of grip pravesh ?

  6. Hi Sir,Can you suggest a good day & time for Griha pravesh in May 2015?Please avoid Friday's as in our custom we ain't supposed to do anything auspicious.
    Can we fix our electricals,like fans,air conditioners,lights before the griha pravesh?
    Can we start interiors after the griha pravesh?
    Can we do Griha pravesh in the afternoon's & evening if there is no good time in the mornings?

  7. Sir, we will be receiving keys for our newly constructed home on June 22nd 2015... This is in Portland USA.... Which is a good day for grih pravesh after 22nd June. 2015 ... Would really appreciate your help here ... Also if we can do any pooja before 22

    1. Either June 18 is good (anytime after 18:28) or July 16 is good (between 7:33am and 10:43am)
      Time mentioned is Portland, OR local time

  8. Sir, we are planning to have grih pravesh pooja on 2nd May 2015. But since the interior is not yet completed so we will move in later after a week. We currently don't have any way to boil milk in the new kitchen. Will it be fine if we do this ritual on the day we shift our gas stove and kitchen i.e. a week later.Please suggest

  9. Namasthe Gauravji,

    I live in Faridabad and my new house is under construction and it will take about a month to complete it.

    Since it is not auspicious to griha pravesh after may 2015 till November 2015, Can I do the ceremony before and move in the house later after the construction is done.

    someone told me that I have to stay the night of griha pravesh in the house and I can do the ceremony now.

    Please reply.
    Thank you

    1. You can do Griha Parvesh on 16th July. A very auspicious yoga Guru Pushya yoga falls on this day.

  10. Hi,
    I bought a new flat and construction is in progress.Planning on doing simple Pooja and boil milk on an auspicious day. Later when all work is done then planning on doing Ganapathy Homam and Cow pooja. is it adviceable?

  11. Hi planning for only griha pravesh with ganesh poojan without hiring pundit. Can I do that? It will be later followed by griha shaanti n hom 1 month later with pundits. Now this griha pravesh m looking for to do on 09 may Saturday. Or atleast by 10 may sunday.Is that feasible day. Because I have no other time. Please give ur suggestions. Eagerly awaiting ur reply at earliest.

  12. Hello sir, we have to move in our flat somewhere between june n july.kindly suggest a good muhurat for grih DOB is 13.08.1981 and husband's DOB is 16.10.1980.

  13. Hi sir
    I'm now pregnant 4 months completed but we started our building in 2014 itself and its going to get complete in a week and can we perform grahapravesha.

  14. Dear sir,
    I have 2 queries
    1. Our house will be ready by 12 june bt I think dere is no auspicious day after dat so wat minimum and when can we do puja? We want to shift by june end. Dob of husband 10 oct 1981 my dob 16 jan 1985.
    2 Can 2 ladies(me nd devrani) carry pot while entering the house.

  15. Hi sir,
    We are planning to shift to a rent house .we need to go before October end.can you suggest which date is good.thanks

  16. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your patience in replying for all of our questions.

    I have a rare situation. We took a rent house which would be available to move in from next month. But unfortunately, our housewarming ceremony date was fixed as this month ending.

    Can we do puja in this month end when existing tenants are still staying there and move in later in next month?

    also, is it okay if we don't sleep in the house on the house warming day as existing tenants will be there it won't be possible.

    Please let us know.


  17. Hi Sir,

    Could you please let me know an auspicious day for housewarming before Diwali(11-Oct).


  18. Dear Sir, My name is Shrilata and my husband Name is Laxmi Narasaiah. we are buying one old house and planning to do registration on 5th Nov 2015. could you suggest some good muhurat in the month of Nov. could you suggest it is good to move before Deevali or there are no muhurtas. Also what is the correct time for Greha Pravesh and what all I should carry when I go fist time to that house. we are tree people in house , my self , my hubby and my mother in low ( father in low no more) , is it ok if we three perform this puja.

  19. Hello Sir,

    We are Buying a pre build house in Canton (city), Michigan (state), USA, We will get the keys on 12 or 13 november 2015, when we can do green parish puja. plus is it ok to move the stuff like furniture and sleep in new home before puja. also i am 6 months pregnant but can't delay or wait until due date. Please suggest something for this. Thanks in advance.

  20. Good afternoon Sir,
    What is the Good time for Griha Pravesh for name Ashok kumar &Sandhya Sharma(wife)
    Plot no.D-32
    in the month of november.

    Please help me out .......

  21. Namsate, I live in united kingdom. We have bought a house( not a brand new one) and paper work is still going on. As per our pujari, the good dates are on 3rd or 4th January 2016. I really doubt we get keys on that day. The problem we have is the owner of the house we are currently living in has asked us to vacate by January 31. So can we just do simple puja and boil milk on either 3rd or 4th of January and enter the house later in the month?

  22. Dear Sir,

    We bought an apartment in bangalore and planning for griha pravesh on 10 or 11 Mar 2016. Pls suggest which date will be better.


  23. Dear Sir,

    I want to move to a new house (rented ) from Ahm to Mumbai by 20th MArch 2016. What is the good day to shift. Any impact of Holi coming on 23-24th MArch. Regards
    Gyanendra Singh

  24. Hi Sir,
    I purchased new flat in hyderabad and planning to do home ceremony on date 4th April 2016, time 4.41am. Kindly tell me this is good date and time to enter into new flat. my date of birth 27.11.1978, time after 6.30am...

  25. Dear sir , can grih pravesh be done on ram navmi i.e. 15 april 2016

  26. Dear Gaurav ji,

    We bought a 12 years old home in Toronto, Canada. Our closing date is not yet fixed. Could you please suggest good Muhurat Grihapravesh dates in the month of June and August according to our nakshatra?
    My husband Nakshatra is: Dhanista nakshatra/Kumbha rasi and mine is Ashwini nakshatra/Mesha rasi.
    Greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.

  27. Dear Pandit ji,
    Firstly I would like to show my gratitude for sparing your precious time in answering the questions raised by the community members, it is a commendable effort. I would really appreciate if you can suggest me a day for performing Grihapravesh Pooja around May 25, 2016 (plus minus 4 to 5 days) location Kalyan, Maharashtra. Thanks a lot.
    Prakash B.

    1. 26th Aug between 7am to 10am.

    2. Thank you for such a prompt reply.

  28. Dear Sir,
    We pursued a new flat in Gurgoan,and we are planing Grihpravesh on 27th may 2016, please tell is is good mahurat for us? My date of Birth 25/9/1987 and my husband's date of birth 23/1/1984

    1. It would be better If you can wait till 13th July. If you can't then do it on 9th June between 5:30am to 7:30am

    2. Thanks sir for your reply :)

  29. Dear Sir,
    We got a home in us and planning to move after june 26. can you please tell us when can we move to this home.

  30. Is it safe if we move our furniture n other items of house before grah parvesh

  31. Namaste Gaurav ji,
    We are planning to do gruhapravesh in August,2016. We bought 12 years old house in Toronto, Canada. Could you please kindly suggest good Muhurat for gruhapravesh.
    My husband Nakshatra: Dhanista/ Kumbha rasi
    My nakshatra: Ashwini / Mesha Rasi

    Thank you.

  32. Hi we have just bought house in Auckland, we will get the keys on Tuesday and than getting flooring done along wth moving furniture etc the date we will be able to start staying there is on Saturday 9th July but in your post it suggest not to do grih pravesh on Saturday, will it be okay to stay tht night and do the grih pravesh Sunday?

    1. It is always suggested to move on an auspicious date. either 6th July is good or 15th July is good. You can move furniture before but should start living in the house from any of these dates.

  33. Dear sir I have a doubt.ours is old building..we destroyed it....upon the old foundation was extended n we have to do vastu and ganapati pooja?or simply by making cow to entering our home can we finish off....?please guide me

  34. Hello Gaurav sir,

    This is prateek , we have brought a flat in Pune.
    we are planning to do house warming on 14th sep ..can you please advice whether navaratra is good or this date is more auspicious.
    Please advice

  35. Sir
    We are planning to move in rented house in September . Pls suggest good date , I know there is no muhrat in this month but no choice .

  36. Dear Sir,
    I am buying a flat from some one else but he was not staying in that house but one of the neighbour was using that house for some time in marriage of her daughter . We should consider this as apporva or sporrva griha parvesh. Pls guide ??

  37. Hi sir,
    We have brought A new flat in great noida. Can you please suggest me subh muhurat dates in October 2016.

  38. Sir
    We are planning to shift our new build house on 16 Nov 16, my DOB is 29-11-80. Kindly suggest is ok or not. Please advise for any special Pooja for house warming.

    1. Yes it's fine. You can refer the above post for pooja.

  39. Dear sir,
    We have purchased a flat in mumbai and will get keys on 14th September. In nearest date when i can do pooja as we want to give flat on rent soon because of economical stretch. Please suggest hiw to do pooja and when.

  40. Hello Sir,

    Can we boil milk and move furniture in 1 day and have the house warming puja the 2nd day?


  41. hello sir,
    we got a new flat and currently we r in a lease house after 2 years of struggle the owner decided to give the amount but he asked as to vaccate as soon as he give the money on sep 24 which comes in a bad month(puratasi) so we kept small milk boiling pooja at sep 15 for our new house which is a last day of the good month .now my question is shall i vaccate my house after 24 th and keep giraha pravesh after oct 15 thanks in advance..

    1. You can do griha pravesh any day in the first week of October.

  42. Hello sir can we shift new home on dassera( 14 October ) by performing small Ganesh puja

  43. Pandit Ji, Pranamams. Can a bachelor is eligible to perform Grihapravesam?

  44. Namaste,
    We are in NJ, which days are good for griha pravesha after May 19th and is it ok to move furniture before doing puja and start living after doing puja? Please advise.
    Thank you

    1. The best date is on 29th May between 4AM to 5:30AM NJ time.

  45. Sir, we are planning to do house warming on 04th june, 2017.please suggest if this is fine or not.?

  46. Hello Sir,

    We are going to shift in rented apartment next week 4th june. What is the good date and time to do griah Pravesh. Currently we are stay in our own apartment 6tp top floor, Builder got permission to construct the building till 12Th floor now. So we have to vacate the our own home for a year till upward buildings are not made. Kindly advise what should we do before leaving our own home for 1year.(meaning any puja) which will protect our own home from negative energy.



    1. There is no need to do any pooja but when you come back after a year you will have to do a griha pravesh pooja.

  47. Dear Sir,
    My brother has purchased a new house.Can he perform grihapravesh on Ganesh Puja 2017 or During durga puja 2017.Please suggest.
    Thanks & Regards

  48. Dear Sir,

    Pls advise a good date & time between 28 July & 29 July 2017 in Singapore to perform Gruha Pravesam puja by ourselves. DOB 24.02.1985

    1. Out of the two dates 28th July is better. Time: anytime before 8:40AM (Singapore time)

  49. We have bought an house in faridabad. My name is sangeeta and dob is 5 Aug 76 . Can u suggest a date of registry and grah parvesh . Thanks

  50. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for sharing this article

  51. Sir I want to do griha pravesh in navratri in october or 9 november 2018.can you suggest me the best date and time for me for new house griha pravesh. My name is Atul D.o.b.03.03.82

  52. Sir I want to do griha pravesh in navratri in october or 9november 2018. Please suggest me the best date and time for me to do the griha pravesh in New house. My name is Atul and d. O. B 03.03.82

  53. Dear gaurav
    I am taking the keys to my dream home next saturday. What should i take with me.will do a proper grihapravesh later. Can u guide.

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