Monday, March 24, 2014

Proximity of House to the Cremation Ground (Shmashaan Ghaat se Ghar ki Nikatata)

Proximity of a house to a funeral ground is not auspicious as per Vastu.Android users who are watching this post through my app (Astro Junction App) on their smartphones, should click on the title of the post above to see the complete post.)
Negative emotions emanate from the funeral ground because people come to cremate their near and dear ones in the cremation ground with heavy hearts. They mourn on the death. This whole environment as well as the smell of burning flesh creates negative emotions and may impact the individuals living in a house opposite or next to the cremation ground. So, wherever possible live farther from a cremation ground.

श्मशान घाट के बिलकुल पास या उसके सामने घर होना वास्तु के अनुसार शुभ नहीं माना जाता । श्मशान घाट पर लोग अपने मित्र या रिश्तेदारों की मृत्यु पर जाते हैं और विलाप करते हैं जिससे वातावरण में एक निराशा और दुःख छा जाता है । यह दुखी माहौल और जलते हुए मांस कि बदबू एक नकारात्मक ऊर्जा का संचार करती है श्मशान घाट के पास रहने वालों के लिए । इसलिए अगर हो सके तो श्मशान घाट से घर दूरी पर होना चाहिए ।

Gaurav Malhotra

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Gaurav Malhotra is a B Tech in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT, Kurukshetra) and a passionate follower of Astrology. He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills. You can contact him on his email You can also read more about him on his page. His Facebook page is this.


  1. In our village, people playing cards and pass their time in Cremation Ground. Is it also bad or not for those whole sit there for many hours daily?

  2. i want my luv as my life partner which chapter shd i recite ?

  3. I was told that I have shukra on my home life. Sir, my home life is shattered. Which chapter will help me out.

  4. Sir.. In my in laws they cremate ppl in home campus. There is a small bill in our boundary and that ritual is done there. I have never lived there but now we might have to go there and I am skeptical for it. Please advise


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