Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Astro Junction Has a New Home Now

Your favorite Astro Junction blog has a new address now. The new address is 

The old address will still keep on working and will redirect to the new address.


  1. congrats!!...all the best for future

  2. hii sir. My name is jitendra verma. DOB 03/11/1986 12:50 at durg(cg) which rudraksh should be wear to overcome the problem and to get best opportunity in life.

  3. Dear sir pls advice what stone should b worn by me
    Babita / 27.07.1983 / 5:35 pm / chennai

  4. Dear sir,
    Iam facing problem in getting govt. Service kindly pls advice me d stone
    Rajesh/ 24-jAN-1985/5:55 am/ newdelhi

    1. You should wear a sun yantra

  5. Dear sir
    I have been seeking ur advice for what gemstone should be worn by me for my holistic improvement.
    Babita / 27.07.1983 / 5.35pm / chennai

  6. Sir i m born in the month of 10/3/1974 some astro suggested to wear pukhraj for the sucess i m little worying whether to have or nt

  7. I have been seeking ur advice for gemsstone to be worn for my sucess in life

  8. Hi sir,

    My name is M.Naveen Kumar and my date of birth is 26.10.1984. Can u please suggest me which stone I must wear and of what size..

  9. Sir,
    can Ruby stone ring wear mounted with silver?

  10. sir my sister name is shweta her date of birth is 05/07/1981 time8:17 pm her marriage is delayed plz suggest which gemstone is good for her


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