Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taurus Personality (Vrish Rashi ka Vyaktitva)


Let us explore the significant personality traits of the second sign of Zodiac that is Taurus. The traits mentioned below will fructify if Taurus is the sign in the lagna or the rashi (Moon Sign).

People should not jump on the conclusion just by looking at the significant personality traits and the sign in their lagna or rashi because there will always be influence from the other planets which may change the personality of the native.

Psychological: Taureans are obstinate, proud, ambitious, affectionate and loving. It is a feminine sign so some of their personality traits are feminine in nature.

Physical: Taureans are of short stature, tending towards corpulence. They have square built. They have a big and beautiful face, large eyes and plump thighs. 

General: Those born in Taurus sign act like a bull if they are not listened to attentively. They have their own principles and ways of doing things. They are fond of pleasures and love beauty, music and other art forms. They try to look young and attractive even if it means resorting to make-up, surgery or other corrective measures. They look feminine. They generally suffer from diseases of self indulgence and reproductive organs. They have sacrificing and forgiving nature. They have marks or moles on their face, back or sides.

Significant Ariens: George Clooney, David Beckham, Megan Fox.



  1. Absolutly ryt Gaurav g all the taurians are just like that as u have described. I ve a friend and all these descriptions matched :)

  2. Hi

    My date of birth is 27.12.1965 and I was born in Tanzania which gem stones am I to wear I have at present black horse shoe ,yellow sapphire,red coral On fingers and pearl ,panna on a Pendant I think the stones clash as I think the astrologer was trying to sell me gems I didnt need please advise me correctly
    Thanks so much

    1. Pearl and panna should not be worn together


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