Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pearl and Contradictory Stones(Kaunse Ratna Moti ke Sath Nahi Pahanane Chahiye)

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After discussing about the gemstones which should not be worn with Ruby in my previous post, I will discuss now which are the stones that should not be worn with Pearl. 

In Astrology, Moon rules Pearl. We will simply look at the enemies of Moon in Astrology. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are Moon's enemies. The gemstones which belong to Mercury, Venus and Saturn are Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire respectively. So, if someone is wearing a pearl, he should not be wearing Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire along with it.

Apart from this Rahu and Ketu's stones Gomed and cat's eye should also not be worn along with Pearl.

If the gemstones of enemy planets are worn, they might do harm rather than giving benefit just like if two medicines, which react with each other, are taken together, may harm the person.

Gemstones that should NOT be worn with Pearl
Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Gomeda and Cat’s Eye

Gemstones is a specialized area and great care should be taken and an expert astrologer should be consulted before wearing a gemstone else it may even harm you.
Please also refer quick reference gemstone guide on my blog.

 रत्न जो माणिक के साथ नहीं पहने जाने चाहिए
 हीरा, नीलम, पन्ना,गोमेद, लहसुनिया


  1. dear sir,
    i was told by an astrologer to wear an emerald with two small pearls next to it in a ring on my ring finger. my dob is 7th sep 1974 . should i go ahead with it?? plz advice

  2. Im so confused if pearl should be worn n small finger or ring finger and n whch hand left or right and in morng or eveng. My time of birth is 01.47pm ,sion mumbai ,26th June1971.Please advise

    1. Instead of pearl, I would suggest you 2 mukhi rudraksha as pearl may give you side effects. Please refer this post

  3. Guru ji namaskar,
    Since last six month I facing lot of problems in my job & from April 2017 I have no job. Before this there was no such problems from last seven years....this time is going very tough .I am wearing red coral in right hand and ruby in left hand from appox six years please dob-09dec,2017 time- 7:30am and birth place is Aligarh UP


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