Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can Pearl be Worn by Anyone ? (Kya Moti Koi Bhi Pahan Sakta Hai ?)

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I was thinking of writing this post since past few days. The reason behind writing this post is the ignorance regarding Pearl which is Moon's gemstone.

Some people think that Moon is a cold stone so it can be worn by ANYONE who has an angry nature. 

This is NOT true.

It is true that Pearl is a cold stone and it can give relief from anger to those who are of hot temperament. But it is not true that it can be worn by ANYONE. I have insisted in my previous posts on Gemstones as well that the Gemstone is a specialized area and should not be worn by anyone without consulting an expert astrologer.

Why Can't it be Worn by ANYONE: For wearing any gemstone the position of its lord is seen in the horoscope. If the gemstone lord is the lord of a malefic house, then wearing its gemstone increases its malefic effect. For example 8th house has cancer sign. Moon rules Cancer sign and the Pearl. 8th house is the house of death, accidents, diseases, worries, anxiety etc. If pearl is worn in such a case, 8th house and its lord Moon will get strengthened and it may give malefic effects instead of the benefic effects.

So, the conclusion is that before wearing not only Pearl but  any gemstone,  an astrologer should be consulted. It is similar to when we consult a doctor before taking a medicine. 
Please also refer quick reference gemstone guide on my blog.



  1. dear sir, is wearing pearl garland as jewellary which women usually wears should also be horoscope specific?

    1. Dear Geetika, If you are using pearl jewelry occasionally and not using pearls as gemstones then it will not be considered a horoscopic remedy.

  2. Dear sir ji
    mujhe 4 saal se hazme ki kharabi hai,
    bhojan hazam nahi hota, kabz banta hai gas bohat hoti hai, khatti aur kadwi ultiya hoti hai,
    ultiya mein kabz yani cough nikalta hai,
    main bohat kamzor hun,
    hamesha bemar rehta hun,
    yeh samsiya se mera jeevan barbad hogaya'
    yeh aam samsiya nahi hai,
    kyunke is par dawwa kam nahi karti.
    Plz help
    Mera name Mujeeb hai,
    date of birth hai 19/oct/1990
    place: Buldhana Maharashtar
    time pata nahi hai..

    1. Bina apka birth time jaane sahi ilaaj bataana mushkil hoga lekin phir bhi aap neeche diya hua upay kariye.

  3. Pranam panditji..
    My name ia Priyanka sharma.. my date of birth is 21/09/83 . 9:30 pm, Delhi... I am manglik but I like a person who is non-manglik .. can dis be done?? Kindly tell me if there is some zolution. And sir honestly speakin I have been goin through worst period of my life cor the lazt 7 years.Dont know d reason.. I have been told to wear Ruby.. can u tell me when is my marriage?? Would I be able to live a normal life as my sisters do.. I dont knw y everythin appears so blank wen I think of my marriage or career. Kindly suggest somethin before m forced by my circumatances to end my life.
    Looking forward for ur grace.
    Thankin u

    1. Please send me an email at

  4. Kaise Pta Chale ki Jyotishi Acha hai ya bekaar

    1. Aap is post ko padhiye

  5. Namaste sir
    My name is -Ambica Prasad
    Gender - Male
    Birth place - new delhi
    Birth date - 26/06/1993
    birth time - 01:20Am

    Please pandit ji bataiye mujhe kon sa ratna dharan krna chahiye.

    1. Apko pukhraj pahanana chahiye iske alaawa aap moonga bhi pahana sakti hain. Stone unheated hona chahiye agar aapko na mile to mujhe contact kijiye par

  6. Is there something that we should not eat non veg for few days after wearing yellow sapphire

  7. Can moonstone be wore by anyone..does it have same effect like moti(pearl?)

  8. Moti (peral?) Kumbha rashi wasle pahan sakte hai??

  9. Moti (peral?) kumbha Rashi walee pahan sakte hai?

  10. Can we eat non veg or drink after wearing white pearl or suchha moti


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