Thursday, March 8, 2012

Precautions Regarding Residence from Lal Kitab - Part 3 ( Lal Kitaab ki Bhavan Sambandhi Hidaayetein - Bhaag -3)

This post is in continuation to Part 1 and Part 2

While building the house, look at the corners of the plot/lot. 
  • If the plot has four corners and each corner is at 90 degrees to the other then this house would be the best.
  • If the plot is of eight corners, it will give sorrow and disease.
  • If it has eighteen corners, Jupiter will be destroyed and hence gold, silver and wealth will be destroyed. 
  • If it has 3 or 13 corners, Mars will be malefic and hence, it will cause death of brothers, fire and deaths
  • If it has 5 corners, it will cause destruction of children.
  • If the plot is emerged from its center, it will cause destruction of the family.

ये पोस्ट भाग 1 और भाग 2 का अगला भाग है ।

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