Friday, March 2, 2012

Precautions Regarding Construction of House from Lal Kitab - Part 2 (Lal Kitaab ki Bhavan Nirmaan Sambandhi Hidaayetein Bhaag -2)

This post is in continuation to Part 1.

  • While sleeping during night head should be towards East. It provides peace to both mind and body.
  • Main door should never be south facing. It is very inauspicious. It should always be either towards East or North. 

  • A house should be constructed as per the following plan:

Ideal construction plan of a house as per Lal Kitab
Pooja room has been mentioned both in North and East directions that means it can be constructed in either of these directions. A house which is constructed in this way is very auspicious for its dwellers. 

ये पोस्ट भाग 1 का अगला भाग है

    image source


    1. namaskar gaurav ji
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