Friday, March 2, 2012

Early Death of Mother - Astrology ( Maatrinaash Yog - Mata ki Mrityu ka Yog)


Matrinaash Yoga results in the early death of the mother. We see sometimes that mother dies just after giving the birth to a child or within a few days/months. There is definitely a matrinaash yoga in the kundli of the child which makes it happen.

Definition: Moon, as it represents Mother, is hemmed, associated or aspected by evil planets. If all the three conditions are present i.e. Moon is hemmed between AND associated with AND aspected by evil planets, it will result in immediate death of the mother. If one or two of them is present along with benefic aspect of Jupiter, it will delay the death of the mother. 

Analysis:Let's  see it  in action  in Isaac Rosenfeld's horoscope. Isaac Rosenfeld was a Jewish-American writer who became a prominent member of the New York literary elite.

In his horoscope, we will especially look at the 4th lord and the 4th house and both of them should be severely afflicted to cause the early death of mother.

4th House: Shani, an evil planet, is in the 4th house in its own nakshatra giving it more strength.  4th house is being aspected by its lord Moon and Venus a maraka because it is the lord of marak sthanas giving it the killing power.

4th Lord: Moon is the lord of 4th house. It is sitting with its enemy Venus in 10th house which is 7th from the 4th house and getting an evil aspect from Saturn making it very weak. Another factor which is making the Moon weak is it is hemmed in between evil planets Rahu and Sun. So, it satisfies all three conditions of Matrinaash yog. But still the mother did not die immediately after the birth. Why ? Jupiter the lord of 9th and 12th houses is aspecting Moon delaying the death of the mother.

The factors mentioned above resulted in the early death of the mother.


  1. Sir,
    Good article.
    Please look into my chart as I m worried about my mother.
    Moon in 1st house. Lord of 4th house in 11th with ketu.
    Dob- 11aug 1984. 17.54 pm Kolkata.
    Please take out few moments from your precious time.
    Tank you

  2. Hi sir, I am really worried about my mother's health.she is underweight also..her details are 16/1/1945,04:20 am in Delhi..thanks

    1. Please email me at

    2. My 4th house sign is leo and sun in 6th house in libra with mercury ketu

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  4. I feel a bit worried now since my daughter (4) seems to have this. I am not scared of dying but would like to know if it is wise to take out high life insurance go her if I may not be around as long as I hope?

    Her 4th house is Libra, no planets in it, but aspected by Sun, Mercury, Venus in 10th house. Moon is placed 8th from the 4th in 11th house, with Saturn AND Mars respecting it from 5th house. Moon is however exalted in Taurus, and is the Lagna lord (cancer ascendant). Moon is also virtually conjunct Mercury and Sun, although they sit in different houses (10th and 11th). There is no positive aspect from Jupiter, which sits conjunct Rahu in 2nd house (Leo).


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