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Depression is the most common and the most killer disease of modern times. A very fast stream of negative thoughts gives rise to what we call as Depression. Depression makes someone who is 30 years old look like a 50 years old. It gives rise to many other terrible diseases.
Let us see what is the cause of Depression in a Horoscope.

  • When someone is depressed, he is not happy that means the sukh sthan (4th house)is afflicted.
  • His chitta is never at peace and continuously generating negative thoughts. As Mercury and 5th house rule Chitta, their affliction may also give rise to depression.
  • Saturn is the karaka of sorrow and depression. If it is placed in or aspecting 4th house, native may become a victim of depression. 
  • Last but not the least, Moon is the karaka of mind, any affliction to moon can make the native very negative and he becomes worried and anxious very easily.
Having explained the main actors inducing depression, let us go to my favorite topic and that is Horoscope analysis :). I have taken the horoscope of Buzz Aldrin,the second man to walk on moon along with Neil Armstrong. His depression started soon after the lunar mission and by 1971 it had grown to such an extent that he was hospitalized. In 1978, he faced up to another problem, Alcoholism. Let us see his horoscope and try to analyze as per the principles mentioned above.

Horoscope Analysis:

Moon the karaka of mind is afflicted and so is the fourth house as both are aspected by Saturn, the karaka of sorrow. On the other hand it is being aspected by functional malefic Jupiter. Lord of 4th house is in 8th house with malefics and highly afflicted.
Now let us look at 5th house and its lord which represent chitta. Lord of 5th house Venus is highly afflicted as it is placed in 8th house with malefic Sun. 5th house is occupied by malefic Ketu. 

Hence we see that all the yogas we defined above are applying to this horoscope. Native was hospitalized in Oct 1971 when his Saturn-Saturn Dasha was going on.Apart from this there are many indications of depression in his shashtimasa (D-6) as well.

That's all for this post. Rest in my next post.

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