Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aries Personality (Mesh Rashi ka Vyaktitva)


Let us explore the significant personality traits of the first sign of Zodiac that is Aries. The traits mentioned below will fructify if Aries is the sign in the lagna or the rashi(Moon Sign).

People should not jump on the conclusion just by looking at the significant personality traits and the sign in lagna or rashi because there will always be influence from the other planets which may change the personality of the native.

Psychological: Ariens are independent thinkers, aggressive, Masculine, ambitious, dictatorial but usually with a pure heart. When he is selfish, he is ruthless. Such a person may become a leader. Being a Martial sign, Ariens are very courageous and are not afraid of challenges.

Physical: Ariens are usually of middle stature with sharp sight, long face and neck. They usually have a mark or scar on the head or temples. They have round eyes and weak thighs.

General: Those born in Aries are aggressive and lovers of scientific thought. They are of independent thinking and dislike being guided by others. They are often stubborn. If Aries is afflicted, they suffer from diseases pertaining to head. They have a slight fear from water. They are fond of traveling. They take less food and they are talkative.


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