Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Abortion / Miscarriage in Horoscope ( Garbhapaat aur Jyotish)

Let us today look at what are the causes of miscarriages in a horoscope. For the Horoscope Analysis, I have taken the Horoscope of Sophia Lauren who was an Italian actress and an international sex icon of the 1960s. She later acted in many Hollywood Movies as well.

Children are seen from 5th house. If :

  • 5th House is afflicted
  • 5th House Lord is afflicted, aspected  or hemmed in between malefics
  • Jupiter, which is the karaka of children is afflicted, aspected or hemmed in between malefics
the abortion/miscarriage can take place.

Horoscope Analysis:

In Sophia Lauren's horoscope

  • 5th House has malefic aspect of Saturn who is a strong malefic and lord of a maraka house.
  • 5th House Lord is Mars which is debilitated and placed in dusthana along with a malefic with malefic aspects of Rahu, Saturn and moon. 
  • Children karaka Jupiter is in 11th house which is 7th from 5th. 
But due to Jupiter's aspect only she was able to deliver the child later on. She had two miscarriages during Jupiter-Ketu and Jupiter-Venus dashas but she was able to deliver the child in Jupiter-Sun dasha. Ketu is a malefic which is placed with 5th House Lord so it caused a miscarriage.  Venus is also a malefic so it caused another malefic. 

She was able to deliver only in Sun's dasha because he is bhagyesh i.e. lord of 9th house, the house of fortune. I have another post on normal delivery. Reader can go through it as well. I will submit another post in future which will have some remedies to avoid miscarriages/abortions.


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    1. Oopar di hui kundli mein shukra 6th and 11th gharon ka maalik hokar ek paap grah ka role play kar raha hai

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