Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Will be in Gwalior for 3 Days

I will be in Gwalior on 20th, 21st and 22nd March 2015. If anyone living in or around Gwalior is interested in having personal consultation with me, they can call me at 09211921182 to schedule an appointment.

मैं 20, 21 और 22 मार्च 2015 को ग्वालियर में हूँ । अगर ग्वालियर या इसके आस पास रहने वाले महानुभाव मुझसे मिलकर ज्योतिष सम्बन्धी राय लेना चाहते हों तो मुझे 09211921182 पर फ़ोन करके अपॉइंटमेंट बुक कर सकते हैं । 

Gaurav Malhotra

About the Author:

Gaurav Malhotra is a B Tech in Comp. Engg. from National Institute of Technology (NIT, Kurukshetra) and a passionate follower of Astrology. He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills. You can contact him at +91-9211921182 or on his email jyotishremedy@gmail.com. You can also read more about him on his page. This is his Facebook page.

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